Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 5- Gilbert

It's going decently well here in Gilbert. The members are awesome, which is good because in the Arizona Tempe mission, 60% of baptisms were from member referrals. And now in a more defined, lds rich area, the Arizona Gilbert mission will probably be 90% member referrals. Which is good and bad. It's sad coming across people that aren't really that dedicated to the work. makes me want to be the best member missionary ever when i get back! which i will be. 

Anyway, Elder Cook and I are really putting 100% effort into the work. We are kinda starting fresh in the area so it's not moving very quickly right now. but we're committed to getting it moving. haha the other day, we were OYMing someone (OYM is "open your mouth". basically just talk to everyone you see), and some random person stopped, got out of her car, and said
"Hey do you have one of those books?"
We replied, "umm a book of mormon?"
"yeah that one"
"umm yeah here you go!"
We tried to tell her a little bit about it and get her address but she had to run because she was in a hurry. it was sad but awesome haha

Just yesterday, we were riding our bikes and some random guy across the street yelled "Oh boy! am i happy to see you two!" We were super confused, because the only people that are happy to see us are members, and he did not look like a member. not at all. He was a recent convert and was having family issues. His name was vincent. We went into the church because we were right next to it and gave him a blessing, and had a lesson with him. It was super powerful and the spirit was so strong. Although he was struggling, it was so great to see that desire that was in him to follow our Savior.

random thought about the doctring of Christ. If we ourselves, are living the doctrine of Christ (faith in jesus christ, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy ghost, and enduring to the end) every day, then we're going to have a desire to share it with others. If we have faith and repent, and are "baptized" every week at sacrament, and feel of the Holy Ghost, then we are taking part in the Doctrine of Christ. When we do so, we have a natural desire to share with others. It truly is a natural result of living the doctrine of Christ. so make sure you're living it to the best of your ability (2 nephi 31) and you will have a desire to share the gospe

alright quick advice from a missionary that talks to ward missionaries a lot. and ward mission leaders. and just ward members.
1.  We tell this to all of our ward members. it's kinda the stake theme. If you do these things, you are qualifying yourself to be used as an instrument in the Lord's hands. He will put his trust in you with opportunities to share, if you show that you can be trusted.
a. pray daily that your faith in Jesus Christ will increase and that you will be able to be an instrument in the 
Lord's hands to bring somebody into the gospel for the first time, or back into the gospel.
           -pray specifically for certain people/families" and for missionary opportunities
b. attend the temple regularly. if you don't have a reccomend, be working toward getting one.
c. study the scriptures individually and with your family daily. Also study the words of the living prophet/apostles.
d. serve someone every day. Whether that be someone in your family, or a member, or a friend of another faith.
2. Create a vision, goals, and a plan.
a. vision: something big like "this person/family baptized, and getting ready for temple covenants"
b. goals: goals are steps to the vision. They are things that are not completely in your control. They require the agency of the person/people you are working with. ex. "this person/family accepts and reads the book of mormon"\
c. plans: plans are something COMPLETELY in your control. like "invite them over for dinner" or "invite them to a ward activity" or something like that.
- a vision has multiple goals, and goals have multiple plans.
3. you don't have to be best friends with someone to ask them if they want to know more.
ex: "Hey you know i'm mormon right?
"great. do you want to know a little more?"
"ummm sure."
"great. i know some good looking young men that would love to teach you."
ex 2: "Hey you know i'm mormon right?"
"great. do you want to know a little more?"
"umm no."
"cool. how was your day." (life goes on) (converts statistically reject the gospel seven times before they accept it.)

4. When you extend an invitation to learn more, by the spirit, and with love, they will not be offended. If you do so with love, they will recognize that, and realize that you are trying to help them, even if they do not accept your views.
As you show the Lord that you can be trusted by qualifying yourself with these things, he will trust you with his children.
thanks for all the updates. keep sending them!