Thursday, February 27, 2014

Week 33- San tan Valley

Hello mom and family! sorry this one will be short as well. i have no time! size of my pants? 32x32. you don't need to send some. it is fine. unless you already did, then thank you. missionary work is going great. definitely feeling more comfortable in the area. we are teaching a few families. and there is so much potential in this area, that we should be teaching even more soon. we got 6 new investigators this week and hope to get the same amount next week. just one ward; the brenner pass ward. bishop is good. yes i have made some connections. wanna hear a cool story? so there are 2 over age youth in the ward with the last name wright. anyway we  have tried to contact them before but have had no luck. but we felt like we should the other day so we did. knocked on the door. no answer. a minute later a guy walked out to go to his car. he looked familiar. he said to me, "are you stalking me?" i was stunned. elder abramson and i had street contacted him in my last ward a couple months back and had helped him out with making a flower thing. anyway... talked to him for a while and of course he asked why i was here. so i told him wer were looking for sister wright. he went inside and got her and we talked to her for a while, established a relationship with her and her two over age youth. then her husband came home and we talked briefly to him too! crazy how the Lord always knows what's up. He always has a way of bringing people together. that is cool about imagine dragons. yes i know who they are. yes we live in a house. four us living there. yes we went to the gilbert temple again. pumped for the dedication. brother slaughter i think is getting rebaptized this week so we may go down. so i'll send pictures...

sorry for the short note

elder bronson