Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week 14- Gilbert

Mom! How are you doing? it's so good to hear from you. i'm sorry you get the short message today. I hope i'm making it even because i never remember who gets the long message each week. Anyway, It's pretty unknown when Elder NEU (not niu) will get his visa. He likes it hear though of course. Oh and training him is awesome. i love it. He's an awesome missionary. It's not really that different, except that he looks to me for a lot of things. But he is learning quickly. yes i got the ribs. we ate one rack and it was delicious. Even in the microwave! yesterday was just awesome. we ate ribs, and my relief society president gave us peach coblar and icecream to take home! so we ate that too. and i ate it this morning too haha... .

that is a sweet matchup. nadal and djokovic. tell me how it goes. yeah i'm itching to play all the time! i miss tennis. Elder Glaus and i played some ping pong last p day though. it was fun but he beat me. it was close though. braces for the chilluns? oh yes that's going to be awesome. i want pictures. yes brother priday is awesome. i don't think it's okay that you are telling him to call me and tell me stuff though... but he's awesome. He and is wife are awesome missionaries. their daughter? umm yeah she's pretty cute. how are my investigators doing? some are doing well but all of that info is in dad's email. i'm still working on eating all of the yummies you sent me. yeah it's cooling down a lot, but it's still above 100. Except the last couple days it's been pouring. my crease is gone in my suit. but anyway... good luck with seminary! sorry i don't have anything else that you can read to your students, but love you too!

Love, Elder Bronson

oh and Elder Neil L Anderson came to our mission. i don't even know how i forgot to mention it. but he was so awesome. and funny too. We got to shake his hand and he talked to us for a good two hours. We made sure to get there super early so we could sit up front. The spirit was so strong, but the best part was at the very end when he bore his testimony of the savior. I never used to pay attention to the witness that they bore. But it was incredible. I just knew. that's the only way i could describe it. Elder Anderson is a literal apostle of the Lord. It was simply amazing! new favorite apostle. I'll talk more about it next week i guess. i can't believe i forgot!!

Week 13 - Gilbert

how's it goin?! good to hear from you guys again. and good to hear that you put it off until when you were in the car two hours ago. haha but thank you for writing me!
ummm.. sounds like a ton of fun! are you sure mom wrote this? because she put "there" instead of "their." that's not like her. yes i got my care package! thank you so much! pistacios? you read my mind. and oreos? gosh best care package ever.
dad - i never got any ribs. i don't even know how that's possible anyway. so you'll have to tell me haha. yes the couple attended church. we hope to put them her on date this week, but they have to get married before too. it's gonna be crazy. yes some more new prospects but i'll tell you next week. we went tracting in an apartment complex. management tells us we can't tract there so we do it at like 8 when it's dark haha. but we got four return appointments from it so we're gonna keep doing it.
marcus - i'll see if i can write you a letter today. but i may not get to it. i hope i do,. i heard boise state got killed. which stinks because they beat them last year. top 25 comes out every sunday evening. send the top 25 every monday. deal? love you. keep up the good work in high school. it's tough. i don't know if i have much advice except keep good friends. social status means nothing.
hailey - i'll try to write you a letter this week too. emailing took a long time today because it was a holiday so the library was closed so we had to all take turns on some members' computers. keep it up with soccer. you're a stud. a girl stud.
mom- i haven't spoken yet. but yeah they do sometimes. the stake is super missionary minded and the work is picking up quick. some from ward efforts. ties would be awesome. pants wouldn't be bad either. i wore the same pants for four weeks because i was getting the other ones hemmed. haha alright love you guys!