Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Week 11- Gilbert

good morning! well actuall it's afternoon right now. we went shopping first because we gave a less active a blessing and it threw off the schedule a little bit. But we're meeting with her again on Sunday so it should be awesome. We may just share the restoration to ignite her desires to come back. but anyway... i'm glad that i could be of help to you in your calling! I hope that they can heed some of the counsel that you give them on the spirit because it will make or break them. good to hear you shared some of my letter though! i hope you shared a good part haha! yeah someone told me that there were that many missions in Brazil and the jaw dropped. That's crazy! the work's definitely progressing there though, that's for sure! The Lord is hastening his work (D&C 88:72 or 73. one of the two). And that was the name of the broadcast/website that the church produced a few weeks ago! the mission president one. oh i guess that was like two months ago. CRAZY. time is flying!

Umm... Well transfer calls were last night. My companion is leaving.... So i'm getting a new one on thursday. It's gonna be tough. I have to lead the area completely, regardless of whether he is senior companion or not (which he most likely will be), because he doesn't know the area at all. So i'll tell you next week what his name is! I'm hopingand praying for a hard worker.
the heat is pretty rough though. well for my companion. I actually kinda like it! I love Arizona! i'm definitely going to live here when i'm older. and no my suit is fine. We don't wear suits throughout the week. Only on Sundays. So my other pants only got wet. but they're fine. I've been wearing the same pants for like 3 weeks though. The sewing job was bad on all of the pants, so i sewed the one i'm wearing currently and didn't have time to do the others. so i only recently got it to someone to hem them. So i'll be going on my 4th week of wearing these same blue pants haha. shoes are holding up awesome. thanks again!

You're going to the Bahamas on a Disney Cruise?! I vote "yes." please do that. it would be awesome for the kids too. and calv and court of course.

have i had a chance to speak much spanish? Well we can catch a bunch of mexican workers outside in the mornings so i sometimes use it. I'm not very good with church terms though, so it's hard for me to teach in spanish at all. i have to get a church produced book on that or something. I think my companion has one. But ACTUALLY, i did have a really good opportunity to do it the other day. It was like 8:00 and we i think a lesson fell through or something, but Elder Cook and I saw some lady on the corner of the street in our area that was walking aimlessly. So we went over and asked her how she was doing. Of course she turned around and replied in Spanish, so my companion (who only speaks English. Or tries to. just kidding) looks at me like, "you speak spanish, go for it." Obviously I can't really carry on a conversation with someone though. Plus, she was super distrought because she was lost, and really hot because it's Arizona. And she was like eighty years old. Anyway, one prayer later, I asked her what was wrong (in Spanish), and she told me. We talked for like fifteen minutes. not about the gospel sadly, but just trying to figure out how we could get her back home. Keep in mind this lady was from Mexico, and knew zero English. and she was scared, so she spoke REALLY fast. so we talked, and she told me that she went on a walk and walked to far and didn't no where her house was. obviously we asked if she had a phone. She said no. So we told her she could borrow ours. She told us she didn't know her daughter's number that she was staying with. So we asked her what her address was. She didn't know. Asked her what street she lived on. didn't know. General direction? That way. okay let's go. My companion and i were a great team. He would tell me what to ask/say to her and i'd say it. And then she would reply, and i'd tell my companion what she said (Ask her if she's thitsty. "Are you thirsty?" "Yes." "We have water. do you want some." "yes please" (kinda like that the whole time)) It was so awesome! And a ton of fun. Anyway so we basically walked for like five minutes and somebody pulled out of a neighborhood and pulled over. It was her daughter and she ended up being okay. They thanked us and we rode away. It was fun though. Prayer works.
Anyway that's my story for the day.

Love, elder bronson

Someone from the area sent this picture to my dad!

"Look who was just here with some AZ sweat. They just got the word about transfers. His comp is leaving. They've been GREAT and got along well. They have the spirit and good things are happening. Elder Bronson's enthusiasm is contagious." Love, the Priday's