Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 12- Gilbert

yup definitely an eventful week! haha cool story actually. So Elder Cook got the call sunday night that said he was getting transferred, and we were pretty sad. We get the calls on sunday and transfer meeting is tuesday. But i obviously was going to stay in the area because they wouldn't whitewash the area because we're doing relatively well here. So i knew i'd stay and get some Elder that's been out a while. But we went early to transfer meeting, because Elder cook had to second half train (the training meeting is right before transfer meeting). So i sat outside and waited with some other Elders while he was in there with other people that were training. anyway the meeting was almost over. it had about fifteen minutes left, and Elder Komm (my old zone leader that is now AP) came out and looked at me and said, "Elder Bronson! what are you doing?"
"umm... sitting and waiting for transfer meeting to start." he took me to the side in the hallway and said.
"Elder Bronson, it looks like we forgot to call you on Sunday, but get in that meeting."
"you're training"
Elder Bronson proceeds to stare blankly at the wall for a couple minutes trying to figure out what just happened. so anyway... i'm training. Elder Neu is awesome though! he's really confident, and is going to be a great missionary. He's a hardworker, and is pumped to be out here. But i've spent some time on my knees lately trying to figure out how i can be a good trainer. especially on such short notice. But thankfully i'm not in this work alone. The Lord can really help to qualify you. Of course he has to call you first.
so yeah i got the sheffield's package. it was super nice of them. i took a picture that i'll give to courtney. and yes i just got jeff and karlee's too. and i felt somewhat tempted to run after them but i didn't. haha but i can't say it didn't cross my mind. But tell them thank you because i probably wont' have time to write them today. good to hear seminary is going good though. even though it's tiring. don't feel bad about napping. that's exactly what i did when i was at school. i'd go to bed at night at like 5, wake up at 8 to go to class, come back at 11 and take a nap til 2. but on the mission i rarely get a nap. sometimes for like ten minutes during lunch hour. ummm i kinda wish i could play better but i'm pretty content.
we got 2 new investigators this week. one was a former and the other was her son. she's married to a less active. We've been working a lot through less actives lately and have found 3, potentially 5 new investigators from it. pretty awesome. We were so certain that Ally was going to come to church this week with her less active boyfriend, but they didn't. it was sad. but their ward starts at 8 so it's way hard to get them there. it starts at 9 next week though and Eric (the less active boyfriend) consented to us pounding on their door an hour before church. so i think we will haha.
care package? umm yes! a few more ties would be awesome. and a tie clip (conservative one), junior mints, beef jerkey, maybe fast food gift card?, other food you think i'd like, stamps, pictures,.

Love, Elder Bronson