Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week 30- Gilbert

Parker will be getting transferred for the first time this week! He has loved his area so much and we all know it will be hard to leave.  I will put his updated address information on here when I get it. 

hey mom and family!
sorry not a lot of time today.. we're about to leave the library so i will be short. good to hear president nuttall got in contact with you. he is an awesome guy. very loving. he sees people as the Lord does. and i don't know about that whole humility thing... but i'm glad somebody is writing down my experiences because i'm certainly not. i am so bad at writing in my journal. at least we got pictures. and hopefully we'll be able to rewatch everything on the urim and thummims we get later. hopefully because i'm countin on it! that is so cool that elder perry came. and yes that is hilarious how he pointed out the placement of the clock as stupid. a lot of the apostles are actually really funny. i've heard elder holland is hilarious, and when elder anderson came he made a ton of whitty comments as well. during the mission president's broadcast in june, i recall elder perry walking up to the pulpit, with another apostle walking from the pulpit, and elder perry shoulder checked him a little bit. it was hilarious.
anyway...  the gilbert temple is an awesome opportunity. and it is incredible. simply incredible. that is cool that you confided in aunt linda. i recall that any time that you ask an authority of some kind, they tell you to make your own decision through prayer. and then you get frustrated, because you hoped the decision could be made for you. happens a lot on the mission haha...
yes the cultural celebration should be awesome. i don't think we get to watch it though...
alma 14 is intense. used to be my favorite chapter. alma and amulek watching their recent converts go through so much physical struggle. i am getting transferred. i got the call yesterday. so we're getting transferredwednesday. i love this area too much! so it's going to be hard. but come what may and love it!
love, elder bronson