Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 28- Gilbert

Mom and family! man that's crazy to hear that there have been such low temperatures.

That is an awesome story Mom! keep up the good work! it is so cool to hear that you guys are serving the Lord in member missionary work!  i don't have a ton of time because we are about to go ball it up. But I love hearing the bronson family is doing member missionary work! it takes faith doesn't it?! it's a little scary! But when we let our faith overcome our doubt, and simply "be not afraid, only believe" the lord will bless us with miracles! tender mercies (oh by the way. you can delete the following sentences, but you said "through me a bone!" that's not the momma bronson i know! i guess it was 7:00 when you wrote this, so i'll let it slide...). keep sharing stories like this with me! I love to hear about them! there is power in the book of mormon! the book of mormon and the spirit are our two greatest resources in this work! and what's one without the other?! so keep inviting them. and update me on their progress! but especially on the family's progress as far as member missionary work goes. i know i've emailed the following promise to you before, but will you incorpororate it in the family's prayers? i promise it works!

elder Neil L anderson (from the april 2013 general conference, in the talk, "it's a miracle") said:

i promise you that if you pray to know with whom to speak:
 1. names and faces will come to your mind
2. words to speak will be given you in the moment you need them
3. opportunities will arise
4. faith will overcome doubt
5. The Lord will bless you with your very own miracles

from your story with the clarke father, it sounds like a few of these promises were fulfilled, but keep praying specifically to allow The Lord to bless with you with these blessings and miracles!
and watch the following video with the family today for FHE.

deal? deal.

Love you mom and family!

oh yeah quick updates. The Slaughter family is doing great. we took them to the visitor's center on friday. the spirit was very strong. we taught about temples and being sealed as a family and invited them to prepare to be sealed as a family, and they all accepted. They are on date to be baptized on january 25.

Alle Welker, the one married two weeks ago, was baptized on saturday. It was awesome. the spirit was way strong and there were many tears, including many from her nonmember parents. The slaughters were there too. the confirmation was quite a spiritual experience as well. That whole sacrament meeting was great. oh a brother in the ward named Rob Gardner sung a musical number. he is famous. look him up! he composed the "savior, redeemer of my soul" song. which i love. one of my favorites. ummm what else happened.... martin (recent convert) is doing awesome. he and brent (recent convert) are going to do baptisms for the dead with the eq on saturday. They are way excited. Anyway... love you much!!

Love, Elder Bronson

Week 27- Gilbert

Hi mom and family! i am doing very well! and yes i know you start out every letter with "how are you doing?" and not gonna lie, i would never tell you if i wasn't doing well! haha but yes i am doing well. man that is crazy weather. it was a little chilly last night, but obviously only relatively. it was about 50 maybe. maybe a little more. they say my blood has thinned out from the summer, so that is why i'm so cold. i just think i'm a wimp. anyway... you stayed home? how was it for them? how was north carolina? and how does calv and court's house look? Is courtney getting a belly from the baby? i'm so excited.
new years resolutions? cool cool. january 1 came and went and we forgot to do new years resolutions. but there's always next year. haha just kidding we'll probably get caught up. make sure they stick to their goals! (use the SMART acronym). anyway... you're going to have them do their own laundry? not bad... they'll turn out much better than me. i certainly never knew how to. not until college ha. i think marcus could do well in track. or cross country or something? does he like to run? i certainly do not.
that's cool that you are doing youth conference! i never did that. at least i don't think i did. my suggestion to get kids over there... use food/candy in the minute to winit stuff. We did a little bit of that for our christmas party. it was pretty fun.
missionary work is going great! i love this area. I've been here forever but i still love it. We're still working on the 6th ward. all of our success comes from pioneer ward. The Bishop is awesome (Bishop Turley), and we got a new EQ presidency too. they are studs! we're way excited. We are teaching Alle, who just had her baptismal interview. She is getting baptized on January 11. I don't know if i mentioned it, but she and Eric got married on december 28. it took a while, but it happened. She is doing great. We are way excited for her. We are also teaching the slaughter family. We first taught them once at the end of december. I think i may have already mentioned them to you. They are doing awesome. Sister Slaughter gave the greatest prayer in history the other day. They are on date to be baptized on January 25. We do not have anyone on date for February, and our stake president keeps asking us about it. faith and dilligence. and patience. Dad told me about your goal to bring a family into the Gospel! that is great! and if he didn't tell you yet, tell dad 'sorry' for me for spilling the beans.
Are all the people that we've baptized still active? Frank, the first guy we baptized is having a hard time, but the rocabado family is all still active. Martin, the father baptized on november 23, just gave a talk in sacrament a week ago. He did so good. you would never had guessed he had been a member for a month. We're still working on getting him to the temple. he just received a calling as ward missionary though! so he'll be working closely with us now. Brent Gray is still active and is working with the primary kids now. He teaches 10-11 i think with a former bishop. he is doing awesome! he has almost finished the book of mormon again, after restarting after his baptism. and he just was baptized on December 14! he is a stud. I feel inadequate when i am around him haha. Christine moody (not baptized but a former inactive member) is still coming to church and doing awesome. She was sure the Gospel wasn't true, and then she came to church. Kinda like martin. ummm.... Eric (alle's husband) is still active. Alle had to stay home with her sick daughter yesterday for church, and eric came by himself. partly because Alle forced him i think. which is good and bad haha. And the slaughter family has come the last 3 weeks. pretty awesome. i think i answered your question.
yes i got the package of treats. the cookies are seriously the greatest cookies i've ever had in my life. david's cookies are where it's at. Elder Abramson loves them too. The other day he said, "WHO IS DAVID?! that man deserves a prize." anyway... yes i already had a jesus the christ. but i'ts okay. i may just give the newer one to my comp because the older one you gave me has a little more in it for some reason. i'm not sure what i'm going to do with the stocking though.
That's awesome to hear that austin is going out! that kid is a stud. Anyway...
Love you mom and family!
Love, elder bronson

Week 26- Gilbert

love and miss you so much too! i have zero time today. we played volleyball for a long time and it was awesome. i'm not going to be able to respond to everything. no it didn't bother me it was just great seeing you guys and no it was fine afterwards. haha great story about the pajamas and i love them! i use the slippers every day. it's perfect because i hate getting my socks wet and the floor is always wet from something so the slippers always come in handy. that's great that you got to spend so much time with courtney and calvin. sad that courtney is having a hard time. i'm pumped to be an uncle. awesome that Jeff is working full time. yeah i didn't want to hang up either. i thought i'd be really homesick but it was fine actually! plus we played 3 hours of basketball afterward and got to watch the lion, the witch and the wardrobe! pretty cool. anyway... love you much!
Love, Elder Bronson

Picture Update- 12/16

Elder Pettit and Whetten

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week 25- Gilbert

Hey mother! and family! yes sister priday wanted to send another picture and i thought you would like it! haha elder abramson and I are awesome together. He's an awesome companion and we do work here in pioneer ward! oh man king noah, abinadi, alma? good stuff. Abinadi is awesome. and if i remember correctly, he quotes the divinity of the savior in Isaiah 53 (which is my favorite prophecy of the savior). and then alma! what a stud. he teaches with such clarity and persuasion! "what have ye against being baptized?" that's some exciting seminary classes! but it's true, you never know how many you're going to convert.
no i did not get transferred! i was so relieved! i didnt want to leave this ward! they are catching fire! and i love it. Elder Abramson and I have been able to witness many come into the fold! but i'll certainly be gone next transfer. guaranteed. the package actually got to me on saturday so perfect! yes you can send another to the same address.
Investigators are doing awesome! brent was baptized a couple days ago and confirmed yesterday! it was awesome. We are teaching a couple new people this week! so we're excited. Eric and Alle finally set a date for marriage. they're getting married at the end of this month and alle baptized the end of january.
tell Hailey happy birthday! i totally forgot... my bad. that story is awesome though! what a cool guy! and a kindle! that's awesome.
and happy birthday to calvin as well!
As far as skyping goes. i assume google chat will work. but i'm not sure.
anyway... merry christmas to everyone! read isaiah 53. it's my favorite!  sorry short email today...\
love, Elder Bronson