Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week 25- Gilbert

Hey mother! and family! yes sister priday wanted to send another picture and i thought you would like it! haha elder abramson and I are awesome together. He's an awesome companion and we do work here in pioneer ward! oh man king noah, abinadi, alma? good stuff. Abinadi is awesome. and if i remember correctly, he quotes the divinity of the savior in Isaiah 53 (which is my favorite prophecy of the savior). and then alma! what a stud. he teaches with such clarity and persuasion! "what have ye against being baptized?" that's some exciting seminary classes! but it's true, you never know how many you're going to convert.
no i did not get transferred! i was so relieved! i didnt want to leave this ward! they are catching fire! and i love it. Elder Abramson and I have been able to witness many come into the fold! but i'll certainly be gone next transfer. guaranteed. the package actually got to me on saturday so perfect! yes you can send another to the same address.
Investigators are doing awesome! brent was baptized a couple days ago and confirmed yesterday! it was awesome. We are teaching a couple new people this week! so we're excited. Eric and Alle finally set a date for marriage. they're getting married at the end of this month and alle baptized the end of january.
tell Hailey happy birthday! i totally forgot... my bad. that story is awesome though! what a cool guy! and a kindle! that's awesome.
and happy birthday to calvin as well!
As far as skyping goes. i assume google chat will work. but i'm not sure.
anyway... merry christmas to everyone! read isaiah 53. it's my favorite!  sorry short email today...\
love, Elder Bronson

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