Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 15- Gilbert

Mother and Family (well just family i guess)! yes you can still call me parkie, but elder bronson is preferred. how come i'm not getting another from marcus soon? tell him to get on that! paper letters are like 10000% better than emails. it's hard getting to bed at night for seminary? i have an idea for you mom! do missionary work all day. trust me. you will have no problem falling asleep at 10:30 haha. yes we definitely have a lot of sisters coming in. and next transfer is at the beginning of october. which is super crazy because it feels like it just started. Elder Neu and I have been workin hard so it's been going sooo fast. it's amazing that i've been out for 3 months because it seems like i just got out. training is coming along great though. We work well together and teach well together, so our teaching opportunities go up and up each week.
cooled down in tennessee? what? lucky. it's cooled down like ten degrees since june though so it's only about 105 or so in the day now. but i think it might go up again this week. yes some ties and pants would be so awesome. and i actually never wore a 30 waist ha. a 32 would be preferred. 32 length too.
Our investigators are doing awesome! and yes we got a couple new ones this week. I think i told you last week but we have someone we're working with named Frank. He's a stud. We've taught him four times and he's come to church the last couple weeks. He's so ready to get baptized. We're taking him to the visitor's center this week, but i have no doubt that he'll be baptized in the next 2-3 weeks. He's so great though. We commit him to read a chapter or something at the end of the lesson, and he'll come back having read it like three times. He then proceeds to explain it with incredible detail, and the spirit always is super strong. It didn't take long for him to really feel the spirit because he was super prepared. The Lord was preparing him for years. Our last couple lessons have been awesome too, and i'm super pumped for the visitor's center on tuesday. and he is too! anyway, Ally (eric the less activie's girlfriend) is doing well too. We've been teaching them for a few weeks and the had a bad week this week... but we fasted for them last week, and they ended up agreeing to meet with the Bishop. Anyway Bishop did his thing (like bishops always do. I swear there is a hole in the ceiling of every bishop's office where revelation just shoots down from the windows of heaven). So anyway, we visited Ally and Eric yesterday, and Eric kept telling us how much ally was crying after the bishop's office. We held back our excitement until we got home...  haha but they are doing awesome.
Yes some of the ward members are doing awesome. It's kind of a hit or miss kind of thing. There are many members that have such a desire to do missionary work so we help them make a family mission plan, and teach them how to do member missionary work. other times it is harder to get them motivated. And the only way we can get them motivated is to let the spirit do its thing. Our mission president has advised us (as well as pmg) to share with them the restoration to let them feel the spirit of the message and have them desire to share it. However, when Elder Anderson came the other day, he advised us to not cast our pearls before swine, and said specifically to not share the restoration if they aren't ready to hear it. So Bronson family, if you want the missionaries to share an awesome message, talk to them about missionary work at dinner. Tell them about the experieneces that you are having. or that kellie is having. Get them excited about the work that you are doing. They will recognize your desire to do missionary work, and should share some encouraging advice for you guys. unless they're lame missionaries. Anyway... i keep getting off track.
Good to hear that you are still having an awesome experience with seminary! keep it up! want to bring the spirit in? bear your testimony to them. There is nothing more powerful than someone bearing powerful testimony about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and validity of the prophet Joseph Smith. The spirit will not let you down. When you sincerely say, "I know that the book of mormon is true, that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God", the spirit will accompany your statement with conviction. He will carry your testimony into the hearts of the children of men. and you will not be confounded before men. There are so many incredible promises given to us in the scriptures. God does not put those incredible promises in there for us to read them and move on with our lives, but to use them. He says "prove me herewith." try him. see if he doesn't carry your testimony into the hearts of those that hear you. alright. off track again.
thank you for the tennis updates. That is awesome that the match was so good. go nadal.
the apartment is nice. we sometimes keep it clean. we don't cook much because the members love us. and i don't really need gift cards. i am fine financially. pants and stamps and ties sounds good to me! oh and a tie clip. a conservative, plain one. Oh is Ben gone already?! man time flies! I am sure that Kathy is having a hard time. But his letters that he sends will comfort her i'm sure. as I hope mine do! and yes my letter is long enough too haha.
Love you all!
love, Elder Bronson

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