Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 31- San Tan Valley

Momma and family! always good to hear from you. president nuttall is the greatest man in the world. what are you sending??? when will it be coming? Brother Garcia is awesome as well. He was the pioneer ward ward mission leader. we did a lot of work together. and yes, his wife's mexican food is the best thing you will ever have. it seriously is delicious. it beats any restaurant you've ever been to. Yes my replacement in that area is certainly a good missionary. His name is Elder Bailey. He is a hard worker.

Oh! i'm so glad that christine moody emailed you! She is seriously the greatest. Being a part of her conversion was just as good if not better than a baptism. "greater light, greater condemnation." She is awesome though. I could go on forever talking about my last area but hopefully the last emails will suffice. Gotta move on. But save all those letters an emails. i'd like to see them in a couple years.  yes i remembered that story of king lamoni as we were working with her. in fact... we initially helped to just throw out some cement blocks for her and it did wonders! really helped build my testimony of service. i'm going through quick because i don't have any time. so sorry... but that is great that Jeff got in! he's been working hard for that so it finally paid off! so what does that mean for jeff and karly?? memphis?? sounds great!!

umm i will send in that referral. not in our area but we'll get missionaries to that house in no time.

love elder bronson.

oh yes elder haus is from kentucky. he's a great guy. he is not a greenie but he's only been out 5 months.. we'll do good work together. can't wait.

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