Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 32- San Tan Valley

How's it goin?! i'm good thank you. yes i got the valentine package. thank you! i saw that you addressed it to elder bronson and elder haus. so i was obligated to give him half the chocolate. kinda sad... but i live with it. queen creek is awesome! well i don't actually live in queen creek. i live in what is called "san tan valley." well that's what everyone tells me. it is way different from pioneer ward that's for sure. It is called brenner pass ward. It is about 15 square miles. it's huge. we are working on the support and such. but we just put a family on date yesterday. it was an awesome lesson. oh don't worry about the fact that he crossed himself before dinner. all catholics do that whether they are active or not. The Gospel is for everyone! the church is way accepting. "tattoos and temple worthy" is the phase that's catching on these days..... and anyone with a catholic background (especially mexican catholic), holds more to family tradition more than anything. they are afraid of social outcast more than anything. it's a family thing, not a religion thing. anyway..

okay answering questions now. yes i'm in a car now and it is probably the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I seriously prayed for a car haha but we still bike too... but if we manage our miles we only have to bike a few miles a day. the area is huge. like 15 times the size of the last area. yes we are teaching some people. This area is awesome. we picked up 6 new investigators this week, and the standard of excellence is 2 new inv per week. so it was a good week. We put 3 of those 6 on date last night. the spirit was way strong. Eddie is her name, and she has two daughters, shelby and emily. They are awesome too. a little shy. anyway... we are also teaching a few others that i don't have time to talk about. i realize that i always email you the useless information, when i'm sure you want to hear more about who we are teaching/baptizing rather than what the weather is like and who my companion is. But his name is Elder Haus and he is my favorite companion yet! they just get better and better! He's awesome. and we are quite the duo. do i want khaki pants? whatever you send me (if you send me anything. and you are certainly not obligated to do so), it needs to be decently high quality. i only wear one pair of pants, because the others have issues in some way or another. and the ones that i'm wearing have a huge rip at the bottom haha. but i wear them every day anyway and wash them biweekly. yes we can wear sunglasses and that is certainly my next investment. There's a member here that can get me some spys for cheap. so i may go there. need them soon though because it's getting hot. don't send me glasses though. i look retarded in ninety percent of glasses.  yes i packed everything into one suitcase. pretty awesome, huh? i haven't acquired much, and i throw away a lot of stuff. not much of a hoarder. love you too.

good to hear everything is going well! keep up the good work! send pictures. sorry i forgot to. will do soon.

Elder Bronson

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