Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 42- San Tan Valley

Hello mother! haha i apologize for the chastisement. i should not have done that! my apologies... things are pretty good in san tan valley. yes it's getting warm here. we're well into the hundreds nowadays. no one is having us for dinner tonight. it is p day. but we had awesome mexican food a couple days ago. at the acuna's. is kellie on the path of kristen as far as piano goes? not as far as boyfriend going on a misssion goes. the entertainer? haha yeah i remember that song. haha yeah having 4 kids play piano in the house is certainly annoying. you got the book for your graduating seniors. excited to talk to you guys soon! it's been a while, huh? I'm actually more excited this time which is a little bad, because i shouldn't be excited! excitement leads to trunkiness! anyway... feels weird to be out so long. i liked being a greenie much more. but yes it goes by extremely quick. sorry mother, the long one went to dad today. i hope you don't delete all these emails. put them in a folder or something. it's going to have to be my journal when i get home, because i certainly never write in mine. love you much!
Elder Bronson

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