Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 38- San Tan Valley

thank you mom and family! i am doing well. 20 years old? doesn't feel much different. good birthday card, yes. after reading it i thought, "sounds about right." well i'll see what i can do. P-day ends at 6:00. we work from 6:00 to 9:00. so i'll see what i can do to make it home five, maybe ten mins early. so maybe you can relay the message to the person. I hope you are planning on staying within the rules. yes people knew it was my birthday yesterday. it was good. we had cake at a member's home. and i got to confirm dayquan in sacrament on my birthday! pretty cool. he was baptized on saturday. solid service. companion is doing awesome. learning english quickly. the more english he learns, the more facetious he gets. it's a win lose scenario. haha just kidding he is awesome. he's got a solid testimony. his parents were actually converted/baptized by somebody in the ward's son. small world. yes we attend gospel principles every week. "the book of mormon" musical? ugh. welp... any publicity is good publicity, right? get's people thinkin! just long enough to where they get smashed with the spirit! i have heard of the different advertisements the church puts out to combat the play. pretty cool how the church makes light of something that is making light of us! anyway.... you're going to general conference? solid! i'm so excited! i was wondering when aunt linda was going to speak! and kathy doesn't want to go? haha that's hilarious. anyway... nothing much to report. awesome week. eddie, shelby, and emily are back on date. i don't know if i've ever talked about them. but we're meeting with them again tonight. ummm... i don't know what else to say! so sorry... oh! thank you for the see's! best gift ever. and for the gift tonight. just thanking you in advance. but another heads up. we work between 6 and 9. so i can be home at the earliest at 8:50. otherwise the gate is open on the side, and the potential intruder is free to go around back. 

love, elder bronson

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