Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 37- San Tan Valley

Hello mother and family! thank you for the happy birthdays! yeah it's weird that i'm almost 20. i'm sure having a birthday is going to be super exciting on the mission... anything i would like for my birthday? ummm... Bordeaux again? one pound again? i'm not really sure what else i would want. a few ties? (skinny ties. non skinny ties always tie bad knots.) but don't make them too skinny. otherwise they are not approved. i trust your stylet. just like what you and hailey were talking about.... something you are better than aunt linda at. but i didn't say that.. you did. the 33x34 was good. they are my favorite pants now. yes i will send the others back today hopefully. 
sounds like jeff and karlee are workin through some tough decisions? keep working hard! brother kerr got in an accident? shoot. mack emails me and didn't tell me! no i don't see anyone from my wards in gilbert. nobody comes down here. i don't think i've sent you any pictures as to what it looks like down here... haha. yes we have new people that we teach every week! dayquan gets baptized this weekend. tomeka in a couple more weeks. new companion is awesome! it's so good to be training again! i love training. elder legrand is his name. except it's pronounced "laygrawn" with a soft n. and a weird throat noise on the "gr". he's French! straight from the south of france. in a place called perpignan (pronounced piowpenyawn). he's awesome! he doesn't know much english at all. and it's a lot of fun teaching him haha. but he's got an awesome testimony. we work well together, teach well together, and find well together (it's easy to walk up to someone on the street and say "he's from france! wanna come to church!" just kidding.) He's cool though.
weather is getting a little warm. we lost our car.... so we're biking all the time again. "we lost our car" sounds like it was taken because we abused privileges. not the case haha we just had to split up our ward into two areas, and elder haus and his companion took the car because their area is bigger. anyway.... i'm still going to beat marcus in basketball when i get back, no matter how tall he is! hear that, marcus?? yes there are about 200 missionaries. yes we go to the church to watch conference. i'm so pumped. anyway... sorry that my emails are always super lame. i never talk about experiences. just about random stuff that doesn't matter much. love you too! 

elder bronson

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