Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 36 - San Tan Valley

Mom and Family! no i don't have a green tie. but i don't plan on wearing one either. it's pday anyway. so basketball is calling my name right about now. anyway... yes i saw pictures of your vacation to florida. looks like a lot of fun! was it warm? i'm sure it was awesome. the pants? haven't received them yet. i'll try them out and let you know. thank you for helping me out!

well i hope everything is going well in tennessee. marcus looks like he's like 6'! crazy... and is kristen pregnant yet? i'm pretty sure we all had an inside joke that kristen would be the first to get pregnant. obviously it didn't work out that way. so courtney's gettin a belly, huh? i'm so excited!

investigators are well. Debbie was baptized last week. and we did family history with her and a couple nonmembers yesterday. it was awesome. they are doing really well. came to church yesterday. it was stake conference. Elder cardon spoke and did very well. our bishop is now the stake president. so we are going to have a new bishop, new stake president, new companion (we got calls last night. i'm training again), new area (same area actually. they are just splitting me and my companion up and giving us both new companions. so we have to work in the same ward. it's going to be tough.), and a new transfer. a lot of changes. anyway... i feel like being a missionary is all i've ever done, and it's all i'll ever do. which is a pretty good feeling.
no daylight savings in arizona for some rebellious reason.
anyway.... sorry about the short email. love you much!

elder bronson

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