Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 35- San Tan Valley

florida, huh? not bad! it's actually been really nice here too. 60s and 70s. well i think. i don't really know. just how it feels outside i guess.  yes thank you for all of the pictures. i love seeing what it's like back home/vacation/family. yes i am doing well! san tan valley is awesome. a little different, but the ward is so humble, and kind. church was good! Debbie was confirmed yesterday, and baptized the day before! Awesome service. Dayquan was at church too. a new investigator we picked up this week. i haven't sent the pants back yet. i will hopefully pull it off today. otherwise i'll have to wait til next, you are 50? what! i could've sworn you were 40!  no i haven't seen the new church video on bullying. i'm sure it's awesome. speaking of President Uchtdorf, the superbowl is coming up (general conference)! i'm way excited. nobody in the ward writes regularly. marcus' sunday school class wrote me. but i haven't written them back. i've been looking at pictures by the way... and what happened to marcus? how tall is he now? looks like he's 5'9" or something? i wasn't that tall until senior year! what is happening. make sure he stops playing basketball... so i have a chance when i get back. anyway... gonna be short this week. i gotta go shop and get back in time for some bball! looks like the family is doing great! you all look happy! love you much!

love, elder bronson

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