Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 34- San Tan Valley

momma and family! whaddup. yes all is going well! another snow day? haha dad said that is was not even an inch of snow on the ground. that's hilarious. dad's home and marcus too? they're probably fakin it.. haha just kidding. I was sick for like 3 weeks! it's hard to get over an illness when all you do is nonstop thinking and teaching and biking and talking. that reminds me. my zone leader's answering machine is, "hello you've reached the missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, elder schwab and elder Swenson, we're out teaching, preaching, exhorting, expounding, and administering in the ordinances thereof. if you'd like to leave a message..." it's hilarious. anyway... elders over for dinner, huh? awesome. hope you didn't keep them longer than an hour! 5-6. Courtney and Kristen are coming too? that's awesome. sound like fun! kellie's going to Germany? what the heck? that's nuts! who approved that?! yes I received a couple packages in the mail! they were so great thank you! I got the see's three days ago. ate the last one yesterday. I thought I could stretch them out a couple weeks. eating one, maybe two a day. yeah........ they're gone. but I did give 2 away. I don't think that helps my case too much though. but i'm still fine! haven't gained a pound! the only reason I take pride in that (unlike every other part of my life) is because every other missionary here has gained 30 pounds! crazy. they all look at me in envy (because I eat 2 packs of chips ahoy, and 1 pack of oreos a week) haha it get's a little expensive! I got the pants too! they are a little small... I may have to get the 33x33. but they are way nice though! I looked at the thing and it is an easy exchange. all I do is call, and send the other ones back and they can do an easy exchange. can I do that?  you don't need to send suit pants. the suit pants are not ripped or anything. I take care of them. it's just the day to day pants that are torn up. so no worries! no shirts needed.
new area is definitely coming along! it was a little slow when we got in... but we have a baptism this week so that's good! We have been getting a lot of new investigators. this area is a little different than gilbert. I was going to send a picture. it's basically a lot of desert and cacti. yes I went to the temple dedication. we watched it in our stake center, but afterward the missionaries got to go clean up the temple. we saw president monson and president eyring leaving when we got there. it was awesome! It's so great to have a prophet of God on the earth. He was about to leave and then someone started singing, "we thank thee, oh God, for a prophet." and then he turned around and started leading us haha. So we kept singing! I also got to meet and talk to elder callister. that was awesome! he is my favorite! he is like the smartest man ever. watch "the blueprint of Christ's church." he gave it at a CES devotional I think. it is incredible. basically tells the whole world that this is Christ's church. and proves every other religion wrong. all using bible scriptures. it's awesome. love it. anyway...good to hear from you. gotta go!
love, elder bronson

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