Monday, September 15, 2014

August 18- Gilbert

hello mother! i'm doing well, thank you for asking! finished seminary? oh good. mondays are tough? no! mondays are the best! emailing family. playing ball. relaxing. good stuff. hahaha jeff bowling? you may have to take him to practice before his orientation. teachers quorum president? that is awesome. one of the few people in the ward that hold priesthood keys. make sure he understands that! we had a meeting at president nattress' house this weekend. and he talked about a 12 yr old kid that came up to him and started asking him questions about his calling. he told him a few things. but the main thing he told him was, "aaron... you have the keys of finding, teaching, baptizing, and reactivating all the 12-13 yr old people in those ward boundaries." months later, he ended up reactivating every single deacon. and had four 12 yr olds meeting with the missionaries. pretty amazing. so same thing for marcus. except 14-15 yr olds. so that's the advice i would give him. that's his responsibility that the Lord has entrusted him with. He can know he is fulfilling his calling if he is building the faith of the current teachers and helping them to make right decisions (perfect the saints), reactivate and baptize (preach the gospel), and he can redeem the dead too through the temple. his mission is the same as the church's. and the same as the missionaries. to invite others to come unto Christ. anyway... utilize your missionaries. investigators are coming along well. Marlene is getting baptized this weekend. thomas should be getting baptized at the end of the month.  we love the Higley ward. elder lybbert goes home in 2 weeks though... yes my clothes are holding up. shoes are good too. cup of bleach, huh? yeah i don't think i've ever used bleach. my garments are super nasty too. arizona sun will do that. i don't need money for drycleaning. we get it free here in gilbert. just got free haircuts today too. I LOVE GILBERT. anyway... love you so much! sorry i'm short today! thank you for your support! 

elder bronson

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