Monday, September 15, 2014

September 1st- Gilbert

hello mom! yes i'm having a good day. well kinda... we have to drop elder lybbert off at the office today. in like 2 hours. so that's too bad. but other than that it's been pretty good. actually a little hectic. lots of mini errands to run this morning. but we're pushing through! there's a small BBQ in singles ward but we won't be going because i will be sticking with some other elders for a couple days covering two areas. oh that pizza place with the woodwards was so flippin good. hahaha classic courtney. that was quick! i'm sure he didn't like that joke either. i don't know how much weight i've gained because we don't have a scale. but i don't think i've gained too much. however... the other day i looked at my license picture (taken senior year when i was working out a lot), and then at the mirror. and then at my licence picture. and then at the mirror. i've got some nasty neck fat.however, it was so relieving to exit the denial mode and enter the "fix it" mode! so here we go haha. 

yes andie is very cute. it's weird not being able to interact with her though. i got way excited when dad sent a video of her. but this ancient computer won't play it. sad. but anyway...
yes elder lybbert goes home tomorrow. yeah it's super sad. he's an awesome missionary. we did great work together. he's loved by many. haha it's actually kinda funny... we go to say goodbye to some people, and they cry. and i'm sitting here like, "whoa this is weird. he's been here for like 4 months." so it looks like i gotta develop a little more charity. because i haven't shed a tear yet, and don't see it happening at all in the future haha. his plans? he doesn't have much for plans. he went to a community college before his mission. he says he may want to go to byui. or byu. but he hasn't applied at all. so he's going to go home and work and such. and then go to school. i don't think he'll be married, but you never know! i know that was a joke but it really happens. some of my old zone leaders are engaged. so yeah. it happens. 

yes thank you so much for the package. i love pecans. and the pistachios were a nice addition! and all the rest of course. that week was awesome. i got like 5 letters and a package! and we had 14 people at church this week. it was pretty great. so we went off with a bang for elder lybbert. we get transfer calls today because
yeah we have a dust storm once every couple weeks. it will rain hard during the dust storms too. it's pretty cool. anyway love you too!

love, elder bronson

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