Monday, September 15, 2014

September 8th- Gilbert

hahahaha oh gosh... yeah i was trying to make sure you never figured it out. IT WAS BAD. and that's why i didn't want you to know. i figured it would just go away. and it didn't. and 9 months later. it was really big. and the podiatrist didn't know what to do. in fact he made me spend a ton of money on random ointments that weren't working! it turns out it was more eczema, than it was athletes foot. so the dermatologist solved it pretty quick. i gotta send you picture now that it's basically gone. it was SOOO bad. i forgot to take a final picture before it healed up. so the latest one i have is like a month out of date. anyway.. it's bad. i have both insurance cards. but missionary medical usually takes care of it. i think i used both to cover the deductible. i have a new companion. elder bailey! he's awesome. i've wanted to be his comapnion for a long time! we spent our first night in the mission field together! since we came out with like 30 missionaries, we didn't spend the night int he mission home, we had to go to some random member's house. and we went in twos. and i got put with elder bailey. didn't know him at all before hand. but he's awesoem. good worker. super funny. yes a couple of investigators caome to church this week. andre in the singles ward is ond ate for sept 27. he's doing awesome. he texted us the other day... "hey so how do i receive revelation. how do i know if i am getting any? how does it feel? what's supposed to happen?" we called and answered his question for him. it was awesome. well with a few scriptures. alma 5:20ish i think. alma talking about how he knows for himself. anyway... he's doing great. he wasn't going to make it to church yesterday. but booked it out during his break so that he could make it to sacrament. what faith. i don't know what else to day. saw a ton of miracles with our mini missionaries this week. we got to take a couple out from a nearby stake. they were hilarious. it's pretty funn doing that. they have an awesome time. we do too. and they always decide to go on missions. the stake president, president lines, was like, "these two were on the fence about going on a mission and it's amazing to hear them bear their testimonies that way." (they bore their testimonies during the closing of the mini mission. little meeting thing). it was great. anyway... love you much family! i'll send pictures

elder bronson

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