Monday, November 25, 2013

Kind Words

Dear Bro. and Sis Bronson,

 I asked Elder Bronson for your email address.  My name is Mark Turley and I am the Bishop of the Pioneer Ward.  I have seen your son grow and develop since he came into the mission.  I knew when I first met him that he was special.  Before being called to serve as the Bishop, I served for almost 5 years as the ward mission leader.  In all my time serving in that capacity as well as my time serving as Bishop over the last year, I don't think I have seen a more dedicated, hard working, full of the spirit missionary as your son.  He is cream of the crop.  You have done a marvelous job raising him and I am thankful for him.  I have a son serving in New York New York South Spanish, and Elder Bronson reminds me a lot of him.  I am grateful that Elder Bronson is seeing the fruits of his labors with the Baptism of Frank Romano last week and the three Osorio children this Saturday.  He was and is an incredible trainer for both Elder Nue and Elder Abramson.  That is so important to have a good trainer.  Elder Cook, who trained your son was a great missionary as well.  We have several others that he and Elder Abramson are working with that I feel will also come to the waters of Baptism.  I have had the opportunity to be in discussions and see Elder Bronson teach, and he is amazing.  You call feel the Love that he has for the people he serves.  We had he and Elder Abramson over for dinner tonight.  They are great young men.  The Lord's BEST!!

 Well, again I just wanted to thank you for raising such a wonderful son.  We Love Him!!!

 Take Care,

 Bishop Turley

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