Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 22- Gilbert

 I am doing well this morning, thank you madre! yes it is definitely colder than usual this last week. It was freezing actually. and it rained a lot! like for two days straight! so i had to use my zone leader's jacket the whole time, because they have a car. So i need a jacket. but i think i already told you that. But anyway... yes Martin's baptism was on Saturday. I always think that baptisms can't get any better. and then they do. "In the ordinances thereof, the power of godliness is manifest." it's true. you feel the spirit so strong at any ordinance! especially saving ordinances! sacrament too. and confirmations. and any ordinance. no i didn't peform the ordinance. i have never performed the ordinance. except for the dead. but never on the mission! We are encouraged to have the member fellowship be the one to do it. Ultimately it is the choice of the investigator however. So obviously none of them have liked me enough. haha no but it was awesome nonetheless! he is so solid though. he got up crying from his confirmation. I had the opportunity to teach and baptize a  family! Martin is the father of the kids we baptized last month! i already told you that story though so moving on... 

yes i'm having pretzel jello for thanksgiving. yes sister stock is awesome. Fusion cartridges are perfect! that's what i initially was going to ask for. I have the razor yes. costco socks would be awesome too. those ones i used to have? the girl ones? those would be perfect. that is so cool to hear the story of Kellie ad Cassandra! She's such a missionary! The Lord needs more members like that! Willing to reach out and feed His sheep. 

i have no idea what to get courtney and calvin haha... ummm... something to do with cooking for Calvin? He seemed to love the noodle maker. and for Courtney? ummm... no idea. i'll keep thinking. remember to remind me. yes the ladies young and old like me a lot. mostly the old ones so you have nothing to worry about. Hahaha the sister's name is Sister Elder? that is awesome. Tell her hi! are they in the Little Rock mission? and tell them to step it up! When was the last time your ward has seen a baptism? ask dad if you don't know. and ask bishop if he doesn't know. and get working on it if you all don't know. it's all up to the members! President Hinckley has made it pretty clear. and every prophet before and after that really. anyway.... i don't have much time at all today... i apologize. But anyuway... love you much!

Love, Elder Sister
i mean bronson. 

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