Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 20- Gilbert

once again good to hear from you mom! emailing is like the best part of P-day! yes a lot of people like to take pictures and send them to moms, especially the ones with a son out on a mission haha. yes we had an awesome time for halloween. Our mission president wouldn't let us proselyte so we had to stay inside, but he gave us permission to go to a member's house. My zone leaders cover a ward where all the rich people live. Well everyone is wealthy in gilbert, but these ones are extremely well off. So mission president let us watch "ephraim's rescue." it was a pretty lame as far as movies go but it was a good mormon movie! but yes i beat everyone at ping pong. one of my zone leaders is really good but i won 3-1. wassup. yes i love this area so much! we have so much support! it takes a couple months to really gain the trust of the members, and get them excited about missionary work. it's kinda hard. you have to get them excited about missionary work, so you can have success. but you have to have success in order to get them excited about missionary work. it's a vicious cycle. luckily, the Lord blessed us with success first.
yes please don't come to Arizona. i'd probably cry if i saw you. or i'd probably just get really mad at you for coming. tell you about our investigators? Welp... this will be a long email because of all the miracles we saw this week. ready? k go.
Well... last friday (i think i've talked about this already) i was sick. But Eric and Alle wanted to go to the visitor's center super bad so they wouldn't take my "sorry i can't go. i'm not feeling well" for an answer. So they worked it out themselves to drop me off at Bishop's house, so Elder Abramson could go with our zone leader to the visitor's center. Elder Abramson told me that it was such a great lesson. After going through the "God's plan for the family" exhibit, they went and taught part of the plan of salvation. They were balling. And then they came to the adult session of stake conference the following day on saturday and met with elder perkins personally. They decided to have their baby blessed. And Elder perkins of the seventy was there at stake conference, and called them up in front of the whole stake conference to talk. They told the whole stake how appreciative they were of us and the bishop and everyone, and alle bore here testimony. she said "i just know it's true." i wanted to cry haha. and then they came to stake conference the day after that, and went to dinner with the Barney family (who they have been working with). and they went to their house the next day too. And then we had a couple lessons with them this week, until sacrament meeting.......
It was their baby's blessing and Eric's mom was there who he hasn't talked to in a year. and his whole family was there. and Alle's dad was there. Usually it's a little nerve racking bringing an investigator to fast and testimony meeeting, because sometimes people get carried away in their testimonies. However, it was perfect. Everyone bore simple, powerful testimony. And then. Eric got up and bore his. It was incredible. They are making so much progress and are working on getting married now, so they can make steps toward the temple. so after all those miracles, I have to tell you about this other one. During that same sacrament meeting, the three osorio children were confirmed (because it was stake conference last week when they were baptized). Martin, their dad decided to come when he had previously not wanted to at all. He is catholic, and doesn't want much to do with the church. But the meeting was so incredible (with 3 confirmations, two baby blessings, and awesome testimonies) that he felt the spirit way strong, and it completely changed his view. He had us come over and set up an appointment to meet with him. MIRACLE. Elder Abramson and I are so blessed to be in this part of The Lord's vineyard. We are thankful every day for the miracles we see. People are truly being prepared every day through the wisdom of Him who knoweth all things. So get going Bronson Family! There are people in your lives who are prepared to hear the great message of the restored gospel. I promise.
Yeah so that's how our investigators are doing. We have a few others as well, but no time to write. That is awesome that you are moving into Jacob. Jacob has some of the coolest scriptures. It's one of those books that you have to read very slowly. and ponder more than read. but yes pride his huge. and it talks about chastity. and the olive tree. good stuff. good luck with the olive tree. i don't have a ton of time left because i wrote so much but yeah i'll email aaron. i've been emailing ben ever since i got out. k go take a nap! oh i always love letters and packages so thank you so much!
Love, Elder Bronson

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