Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 21- Gilbert

yes i definitely am blessed. just responding to the title of your email.

good to hear from you mom! well it always is! and thank you for the letters from the kids! i really appreciate it! mail is like the greatest gift. well behind eternal life. oh you got sister menden's pictures? how'd i look? haha just kidding. yeah the members tend to like me. which is weird, at least in 6th ward. We only have one investigator in 6th ward. the work is super hard in that ward. so i don't know why they like us. but everyone in pioneer loves us too! haha the members are awesome. love them. yes i am definitely grateful that heavenly father sent me here too. It gives me a chance to use my social talents! i didn't even know being social was a talent until i got on my mission. it totally is. anyway... you participated in a youth fireside, huh? awesome. haha you were the old couple? yeah, what are you guys, 60 now? just kidding mom, i still remember how hard it was for you to accept that you were turning 50 haha. saddest birthday ever. hopefully you don't put these letters on a blog or anything. otherwise, you'll have to edit this out haha.

no i won't get transferred. calls were yesterday, and i didn't get one. so i'm good! i'm staying with Elder Abramson another transfer. which is awesome because he is seriously my favorite companion. he's so funny. and we work way well together. i'm so glad i'm staying too, because we just put martin on date for the 23rd. i would've had to miss the baptism if i got transferred. and hopefully alle will get married to eric this month so she can get baptized too. it's been a long process with them but they are awesome. We love them. I kinda told dad the story over email about martin. so i'm probably just going to copy/paste it to you. because i don't want to write it again...

man those pictures are awesome! pretty crazy though. and pretty nasty for the fish head thing. yeah it'd be tough to eat that. we get fish head like every day in Gilbert though so i'm getting used to it. just kidding. anyway... yes all the members in the ward love to take pictures of us and send them out! usually missionary moms. yes i love our wards! especially the pioneer ward! they love us too! it is awesome. bishop is a stud. he's the kind of bishop where meeting with him is one of the first invitations i want to make to investigators haha because bishops' offices are revelation central. can't walk out of that place dry-eyed. yes i will definitely try to keep up the pace!
miracles this week dad. well miracles every week, but some pretty awesome ones this week. definitely journal entry ones (i hardly write in my journal, brecause i'm so tired at the end of the day it's the last thing on my mind). but alle and eric our hopefully getting married this month. but that's not the miracle. well it is, but that's not the one i want to share.
k so you know ashley, tristan, and tobin? the kids that got baptized two weeks ago? yeah well they got confirmed in sacrament 8 days ago because stake conference was the previous week. anyway, martin (marteen) is the father of the kids. He's catholic and didn't want anything to do with the church, up until he went to the confirmations. we had 3 confirmations, 2 baby blessings ("and in the ordinances thereof, the power of godliness is manifest"). so he felt the spirit way strong. there were so many good testimonies too! because it was fast sunday. and usually it's iffy for investigators and fast sundays. but every testimony was simple and powerful. pure doctrine is what brings in the spirit. and that's what was shared. many simple testimonies of Christ. So the spirit was SUPER strong. anyway that night, aubrey called us (the mother of the kids, husband of martin), and told us to come over. so we did. she told us that martin wanted to meet with us, so we set up a time. Brother bitter came and aubrey came as well. We literally asked him one question: "why did you decide to meet with us?" and he responded with his feelings at sacrament meeting and how much he felt the spirit and ended with, "so i want to convert." so we put him on date for november 23rd. we're super excited, and so is he. it's gonna be awesome. anyway... not much time. but thankyou for the updates. i love updates!
gotta go!

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