Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 19- Gilbert

Hello mom and family! good to hear from you guys! every week! yes i knew it was halloween week haha. this week is going to be kinda rough too because we have a zone conference, a mission conference, and interviews. and we have to be in by 5 on halloween. so not a lot of time to proselyte this week. yes i am definitely doing well! and i am healthy. well NOW i am haha. i got the flu the other day. woke up on friday morning around 2ish and went to the nearest container (happened to be a trashcan). i don't remember what i hate but it didn't matter anymore! haha so after a few more purges and a priesthood blessing, i was good to go! thank goodness for the priesthood. "in the ordinances thereof, the power of godliness is manifest." and you could definitely feel it! anyway... yes bishop turley asked if he could do so. good to hear it made ya cry! haha i knew it would. Bishop turley is a stud. love that man. He is such a good bishop. every time me and my companion meet a new less active member, we immediately refer them to the bishop because we know how awesome he is. there is a whole in his ceiling where revelation just flows straight down. i swear. haha
yes! you are correct! the gilbert temple dedication has been announced. it'll be open to the public for tours in mid january. yes it is in our mission. i hope that we will be a part of the dedicaition, but more importantly, there will be so many members inviting nonmembers. the nonmenbers will feel the spirit, and then we will teach them! that's the hope of course. We are trying to help members understand that it would be best for them to be spiritually prepared for the temple, so we should start inviting to other things now. it's a work in progress. But we love the members here. all of them are so faithful, and love the missionaries. How could you not?! just kidding. but they really are awesome. Yup frank was baptized. He is a stud. Hasn't received a clalling yet but we're working on it. yes the osorios got baptized this weekend. It was such an incredible program too. They were so excited and the ward REALLY helped out with the program. the spirit was so strong. i'll send a couple pictures in a bit. But if that didn't make saturday the best day ever, stake conference certainly did! We were able to go to the adult session of stake conference and Elder Perkins of the first quorum of the seventy attended. The spirit was so strong to begin with, but on top of that, Elder Perkins kinda went out of the ordinary and stood up, asked for a microphone, walked down off the stage, and asked a recent convert to come out from the pews and express her feelings (we were talking about missionary work the entire meeting. that's what the bretheren said they wanted this session to be focused on. So elder Perkins decided to talk about the reasons why we do missionary work. So he asked Amanda to express herself). It was pretty awesome. She talked about her experiences. AND THEN. Elder perkins asked Alle (our investigator) and Eric (her less active boyfriend) to come up. We have been working with them for a couple months. they are so awesome and progressing. but slowly. anyway so he asked them to come up and share their thoughts. So Elder perkins began talking about them (because he had previosuly met with them earlier that day), and Eric began to cry ( he always cries). But the spirit was sooooo strong. And Then he asked Eric to share his feelings and he did. in front of the whole stake (while the whole stake was on the edge of their chairs). And then he asked Alle to. And she began talking. Elder perkins asked her what she thought about what the missionaries were teaching her. she relplied, "ya know, i just feel something when they teach me. i know it is true." She said that to the entire stake! it was so awesome!!!! and then Elder Perkins asked Elder Abramson and me to come up. so we did. He asked me to share a few thoughts and i did. and then bishop too. he then concluded with, "this is why we do missionary work." the meeting was so powerful and the spirit was so strong. I remember sitting in that meeting never wanting to leave. feeling like this is it. This is home. The gospel is real. it blesses lives. and families. i love teaching. i love witnessing change. i love the mission! so that about sums up saturday. good day huh?
that is awesome that myou came up with that analogy for seminary. i love it. yes we had a fall festival in one our wards and we have another one on wednesday. hailey's last primary program? that is an awesome idea mom! what a perfect missionary opportunity. you never know whose lives can be touched. so invite everyone! anyway i don't have a ton of time to write back becaus Elder Glaus wants to leave the library right now but anyway... good to hear Hailey is still the athlete in the family! keep it up. and she didn't want to go to the ceremony on sunday. what a stud. you're raising some good kids mom! the call over christmas will be skype. yeah that is sad that so many people are coming down with cancer. yeah don't tell me the sad stuff. 30s? yeesh it's still in the 80s during the day. sometimes 90s. night it'll get to 60s. sometimes 50s. but that's how it is all summer i hear. yes we eat every night. our ward missionaries take care of it. nothing i've tried that i didn't like! the mexican food down here is ridiculous though. Sister Garcia, the wife of the wml makes the best food in the world. but yes nothing compares to your cooking of course.
but i would love some letters. i haven't had one in a few weeks and it's killing me haha. so post it on facebook or something i don't know! i  need letters! love and miss you all!

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