Friday, August 15, 2014

BOM Challenge

underline "faith in christ" in green (or any other color you want)
      - belief in Jesus Christ
      - obedience to his commands
underline "repentance" in red (or any other color you want)
      - maybe include sin if you'd like to go that broad
      - humility, confession, forsaking, asking forgiveness
underline "baptism" in blue (or any other color you want)
     - baptismal covenant
     - baptismal ordinance
     - i even went as broad/general as just covenants. i included even the abrahamic covenant. but you can do whatever. just ideas.
underline "the gift of the holy ghost' in black (or any other color you want)
     - i included promptings that came to prophets from the hg
     - of course the gift itself
underline "enduring to the end" in orange (or any other color you want)
     - things like 2 nephi 31:19-20
     - other things you want to do to "endure to the end"
underline "the gospel of jesus christ" or "the doctrine of christ" in all colors

i hope this doesn't sound controlling. i am just suggesting ideas. just trying to get the point across that when i did this exercise, i wasn't simply reading the book of mormon. i studied it. picked it apart. and underlined the doctrine of christ everywhere. and it changed my mission. and my life. love you all! i will be doing it again! and i want to hear all your incite and experiences!

love you much bronson family!

elder bronson

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