Friday, August 15, 2014

Week 54- July 7th Gilbert

hello mother and family! yes i had an awesome week. full of miracles. yup we had our first dust storm of the summer! they're great. a lot of fun to watch. we are advised not to go outside, because you can catch what's called "valley fever" from breathing in these viral spores. so hopefully i'll be okay! haha yes thankfully we have a car. i can't believe i am not an uncle yet! i don't think i can wait another week! you will have to send me a picture or something during the week. maybe i will have a member send you a picture of elder lybbert and i and you can reply with a picture of my niece! sunday was good yesterday. yes the family that we are teaching came again yesterday. pretty crazy story... so jamie, who is 20 broke her foot saturday night. she is the most progressing of the investigators in that family. she is basically the leader if you will... so she was in the hospital all night sunday morning and didn't get back til like 5am with the family. so she didn't come to church. and a couple of the kids who needed more sleep didn't either. thankfully 4 others in the family came. kind of a weird family situation. but there is kristie the parent, jamie the babysitter who is 20, blake 13, hailey mekayla and liliana 12, anthony 10, mary june 8, alex 7, jerry 5.  we we were thinking about how much of a setback it was that jamie broke her foot. But the Lord is the driver. The Relief society president, when she heard about it in ward council, organized some meals to be brought over. we went over this morning to check up on them, and the mother of some of the investigators (kristie) was so grateful for everything the ward has done thus far. Kristie has been a negative factor in the family's conversion. She doesn't want them to go to church, or participate. but The Lord has a way to soften hearts. We have really been praying for her heart to be softened, and the Lord provided a way. as he always does. So I will keep you posted. 

anyway... back to answering your questions... playing, eating, and walking, huh? that sounds great! wednesday is when it will happen? man! when was the estimated date initially? what did i do for the 4th? went to a morning breakfast, went to a baptism, did some proselyting, and was in by 7. we were not allowed to be outside due to potential drunk drivers. new gators probably coming this week. we have a ton of appointments scheduled. yes it is horribly hot. good to hear you are keeping up with the book of mormon reading. keep up the good work! if you are only underlining the phrase, "the doctrine of Christ" you will only find it probably 10 times in the book of mormon. probably 50 for the phrase, "gospel of Jesus Christ". so you have to underline the content! faith in christ, repentance, baptism, the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. anyway... I love the area. love the zone. love the ward. love the members. everyone is great. i love gilbert. there are about 20 missionaries in our zone. but it's the biggest zone. 

good to hear you're starting up with tennis again. you'll need to reteach me everything. i'm probably horrible now. 

anyway love you much! nothing else to report!

elder bronson

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