Friday, August 15, 2014

Week 58- Gilbert

good morning! man you get up earlier than i do! but you get the weekends! "there aint no rest for the mission, money don't grow on trees.." tell that one to marcus. he'll like it. 17 students, huh? that's awesome. the seminary teachers here, in coordination with president Nattress, want elder lybbert and i to drop in and teach every week. so we're trying our best to hand it off to other missionaries. because we like to proselyte. church was good yesterday! had an investigator come to church yesterday. and another! oh good story. our stake president's son got back from his mission last week. before he got on the plane, he prayed to father to be able to teach the gospel one more time as a set apart missionary. so he got on the first plane to texas from mexico. no go. then on the plane from texas to arizona. yes go. the woman next to him began talking to him about how she is on a spiritual journey. and how she feels like it's ending. so elder allred (now mitch allred) taught her the restoration of the gospel. both in tears. he invited her to be baptized. on the plane. she accepted. so she came to church yesterday ( just a few days after the flight) to see him give his homecoming talk. she loved church. we met with her a few hours after church at the allred's home. it was an awesome lesson. spirit was way strong (pretty crazy... we asked her to read galatians 5:22 because we were talking about the role of the holy ghost in conversion. and she says "whoa... i just got the chills. i just marked my scriptures there this morning with the restoration pamphlet mitch gave me the other day.) pretty neat. anyway there were a lot of super cool experiences in that lesson. the gospel is the best. we also tracted into a couple more investigators last week. elder lybbert and i love tracting. but a good week. elder tagg, our district leader, noticed this morning, that for the last 7 weeks, our district has had a baptism. we only have 4 companionships. so that's pretty amazing! we have not gone a week without one! anyway.. the blessings of the Lord are certainly pouring out upon the Higley Stake. okay... back to answering your questions. our new member family?  doing great. 3 of them went to the temple to do baptisms this last week. pretty awesome. we got to confirm them, but the temple president doesn't like us to baptize. which kinda stinks. but still pretty awesome. Jamie (the 20 yr old babysitter) wanted to pray before we left the temple. so she asked if she could say it. we all gathered in the lobby (just us, the wadley family, and jamie, hailey, and makala) and jamie offered a simple prayer. i've had a lot of experiences on my mission. but that was definitely one to remember. it was powerful. talking about it later, jamie said, "i felt like i could barely speak. the spirit was so powerful!" so pretty awesome week, i'd say. so they're definitely progressing to answer your question. haha yes i've heard much about obama and immigration. many people have plenty to say about it. but you are right mom! the second coming has to come somehow! thank goodness that we have a prophet of the Lord on the earth today. we cannot be lead astray. Wilford woodruff, "The Lord will never permit me or any other man who stands as President of this Church to lead you astray. It is not in the programme. It is not in the mind of God. If I were to attempt that, the Lord would remove me out of my place, and so He will any other man who attempts to lead the children of men astray from the oracles of God and from their duty." pretty comforting words right there. i'm sure dad has read it, but read, "the seven deadly heresies" by bruce r. i read it this morning. i don't know how i haven't read it before! so good. that is awesome that you are going to the church sites! i would love to do that. my personality? it hasn't changed much haha. my testimony and knowledge of the Gospel has. and i'm still working on becoming a little more humble! but anyway.... love you much! and the whole family of course.

elder bronson

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