Friday, August 15, 2014

Week 55- Gilbert

good to hear the week went well. the week went well over in higley zone too! yes i received a ton of pictures. and a ton of my new niece. in fact. i had 55 emails this week. and i was pumped. until i realized that 90% were pictures of andi. haha i'm not complaining... but it was just funny. anyway... yes i heard that she surprised everyone. that's pretty typical. i bet she was planning i t the entire time. everyone gushed. yes i believe it. i saw a few pictures. and everyone looked like they had just been to a funeral! yes everything is going well for the new family. Jamie is getting baptized this saturday if she can keep it up with not smoking. she's doing great. and progressing so well. miracle yesterday. her aunt (kristie) who came to church once and wasn't very interested talked to us for a while yesterday. the kids were at their dad's house so it was basically only jamie and kristie and a few kids. so we were talking to jamie about some things and i don't remember the exact chain of events, but we just started talking about the restoration. she asked tons of questions, relating to the plan of salvation and the restoration. very smart lady. she would make comments like, "oh so after Christ and his apostles were killed, people started to make up their own things. and start to worship idols and stuff. Ohhhhh!" It was pretty awesome. we basically taught her pieces of the plan of salvation, the restoration, and the gospel all in one fairly short 20 min lesson. and she gained a huge interest. so we're going back tomorrow and seeing if the interest is still there. this lady, 3 weeks ago, was totally turned off to the kids getting baptized, and is now pretty interested. we're pumped. the Lord's tender mercies. anyway... hahaha i'm sure jeff and karlee would love to sub for seminary. the seminary teachers here love it when the missionaries come and help teach. in fact, we are currently sitting in the family history library at the seminarybuilding/stake center and brother jardine, the semiary president keeps asking us about his email to president regarding who will be helping teach this school year. pretty funny.  i just want to do traditional good ol missionary work. yes we always celebrate pioneer day. usually a parade or something. a few parties. pretty i don't think he can be better than him. i'm glad you liked my letter. yes it is all due to you're wonderfully facilitated family gatherings, that the family is what it is! thank you much mother! and family. love you all so much! hope i answered all the questions. and i'll probably email you elder lybbert's funny moment of the week too.

love, elder bronson

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