Friday, August 15, 2014

Week 56 - Gilbert

Hello mother. that's great you got to see her again! i started reading this email thinking it was dad for some reason. and as i read i thought to myself, why would calv and court need help with the baby from dad? hahaha anyway... and you're watching walking dead? shoot mom! do you like it? that's an intense series. and lost? pretty good. don't get too into it. or you'll do just that... get too into it. D & C this year, huh? that'll be great. when do you do book of mormon? hopefully i'm back by then. i'll just teach it all for ya! i'm good with that! haha! sorry i may be a little brief with you today. got a few emails this week and i have to have time to send you some pictures! I always love it when someone asks to take a picture, because i know that you will love it. yeah we were all at cafe rio at the same time. and none of us meant to be there at the same time. the reeses puffs weren't mine! they were our mini missionary's! we went shopping on saturday because he needed food. we picked him up that morning. he's still with us, and will be until wednesday. just a guy preparing for his mission. he's going to minneapolis minnesota! pretty crazy. awesome guy though. he'll be a great missionary. jamie's baptism went great! she was confirmed yesterday. i'll send you pictures in a sec. yes christie came, and jean even came. which is a miracle. they all loved it. we will see them again tonight. 4 of the kids should be getting baptized this upcoming saturday. anyway.... got to go so i have time!

elder bronson

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