Tuesday, January 13, 2015

December 8 - Gilbert

Hello Mother. 
I saved your email for last! yeah it was a great weekend. one of the only baptisms where there was not an ounce of stress in me! everything went perfectly fine. usually there is something that causes some stress. haha elder bailey told me that at one of his baptisms... the girl didn't come out to the font. so they went around back. and she was like... "i'm not sure i want to do this." and then they decided to say a prayer. and then she was like, "okay i i'll do it." ugh talk about stressful. i probably just would've avoided the situation and just walked out the door. investigators can cause gray hairs. yes zoe's parents ended up coming. she was indifferent. but he (her dad) was touched by the spirit. i gave a talk and i even saw him tearing up. others said the same when they were up front doing things. so Zoe's going to work on him. haha that's what she said. i have no idea what background she comes from. but she's doing family yhistory so she can do baptisms for the dead in two days haha so i'll let you know. her last name is hooker. that's why i just say zoe haha. geri's in ireland right now. so kinda on a stand still with her. 

shoot hailey's birrthday is this friday? i'll see what i can do. ummm can you choose from one of the pictures that i ahve previously sent? i know that i've sent you a picture or two of the landscape of arizona. ask courtney. you can do anyone you want i don't care. do i have plans for christmas? i don't know what i'm donig christmas day. but we'll see. christmas eve will be with bishop tenney (singles ward bishop), haha okay i'll make sure it's more private this year for skype. yeah they weren't my favorite members. just the ones with lots of devices for all of us. but i'll go to the mills' house this year for skype. or google chat or whatever we decide to do. 

yeah sorry i don't know what else i want for christmas... oh! i want socks! not church socks i'm good with those. but regular short socks. like the ones from costco! pretty please! and ummm you can surprise me on whatever else you want to give! i will be happy.

love, elder bronson

 ZOE and Elder BAiley

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