Tuesday, January 13, 2015

December 1 - Gilbert

how was thanksgiving? excellent. it's always an awesome time to catch families home. less actives, potentials.... and share a quick thanksgiving message. so that was the majority of my thanksgiving. but we did have room for a meal or 4 haha. yes the woodwards were our first meal. they are great. brother woodward is hilarious. the baptism...? we did not have a baptism scheduled for this last weekend. but we do have one scheduled this upcoming weekend. Zoe. She's still doing awesome. progressing of course. how can she not. she is still just as excited about the gospel as she was a week ago. but she has a couple more manuals. she initially received some criticism/adversity from her parents on the news of her getting baptized. but she showed respect and love toward them. and they sent her a text while we were in a lesson with her that said something like, "zoe your father and i have talked about it, and have decided that we will now be attending your baptism this next weekend." she was so excited. We are teaching her family history today and hopefully will set another "baptismal date" for her. we do it twice because the second one is for her ancestors! so that she can do family history and go to the temple a couple weeks later. so she doesn't miss a beat. she's awesome though. she has seriously dropped everything behind her. old habits, friends... it's crazy. last week she told us... my dream now is to live in SLC. oh and i want to go to byu now. and she wants to work for the church now as an accountant haha. seriously she's not all talk either. she already got her recommendation last week from bishop. 

oh man it's crazy to hear about kellie, marcus, and hailey and their ambitions. i was never that ambitious. man you picked kristen's right? dangit.... mom always gets that stuff right. i'm 2/3.  what else is happening with me? ummm..... no we haven't had any authorities visit lately. well a few months ago we had an mission leadership conference with elder robbins. but i think i told you about that. elder packer (pres packer's son) is coming this month. in a couple weeks i think. so that will be cool. oh man ben is so awesome. love that guy. yes we will definitely chill back at byu. hope i'm well and healthy? yeah me too. hahaa just got the cold. but anyway... love you much! sorry short update today!

love, elder bronson
  arizona trying to fake snow....embarassing!

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