Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 6- Gilbert

hello mother!

happy new year to you too! the week was good. actually i haven't eaten the cookies yet. still trying to take down all the other sweets i got this transfer. elder schwabb and elder mason said that they ran into her though! oh my gosh... everyone in the house was like, "how did these oreos get here?" nobody knew! because everyone was out when they came by. haha was i able to see any part of the boise state game? haha no. 

well i'm not sure if i answered all of your questions... but hopefully i did.

but this week went very well! we picked up a couple new investigators. one of them's name is emanuel. he pulled some other missionaries over and said... "hey do you want to have a bible study?" haha usually that means to missionaries that they want to bible bash. but they set up an appointment anyway. and then i was on exchanges with one of the missionaries that intitially contacted them (which is basically a straight miracle), when he called us and asked us to come over. so we did. he is 23 years old, so it was perfect that i was there so we could teach him in the singles' wasrd. we asked a lot of questions. helped him understand his testimony that he already had, and he accepted the invitation to be baptized. so he's getting baptizedfebruary 14 (because he has to go to a military training for a while). he is seriously incredible. he's a true christian. he found Christ about a year and a half ago when he started reading the bible. and he'll quote the bible all the time. when we invited him to be baptized, he paused for like 10 seconds and then said, "ya know... i'd like to think that at the time of Christ, i would've been like peter, that when Christ invited him to come follow Him, that i would drop my nets, and straightway follow Him. except i would drop my weights (he's a lifter). so yes i will be baptized on that day." it was pretty incredible. 

anyway... we're teaching him again tomorrow. he came to church on sunday. he fasted and gave fast offerings. he said, "i know i'm not a member yet, but can i still fast with you guys?" haha "umm no sorry man it's not allowed." haha just kidding... of course we said yes. anyway whenever we bring a member in the singles ward to his lessons, they walk away totally blown away.

anyway... oh shoot i forgot to tell you! i'm getting transferred. sad, i know. don't know where to yet. but we will figure it out on wednesday.

love, elder bronson

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