Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 24 - Gilbert

Hello mother and family!
yes all is well in Higley, Arizona. well gilbert arizona. but it almost is a town. i'm still in the same ward as i was six months ago! but i am so happy. we got transfer calls last night.... aaaaannnndddd... i'm staying!! woot woot! i just wanted to stay one more transfer. at least haha. elder baailey and i have really worked hard to pick up the area, and it is doing SO well right now. so we are way excited that we can stay together one mroe transfer. 
yes i heard from kristen that i am the only one that thinks it is a girl! but you just wait... i called jeff and karlee's and i'll call kristen and jeff's! 

how is everything with me? everything is so well! we had 5 investigators at church yesterday which was awesome. Zoe, not sure if i told you about her, she is doing awesome. She was the one that we fasted with last saturday (9 days ago) so she can come to know that the book of mormon is true. she had been blasting through it but could not admit that she knew it was true. she had received so many witnesses/amazing experiences but that still didn't cut it. so we fasted with her on saturday, and she read all of alma from 2:00 to 8:00pm. we followed up with her at 8 and had a quick lesson. we told her "we're not giong to invite you to be baptized (because we do every lesson (probably have invited her 5 times or so...)), but do you believe the book of mormon is the word of God?" and she replied, "yes i do." so two days later, after FHE on monday, she came up to us, and said "i'm ready." so she will be getting baptized on december 6. she is the most prepared investigator i have ever had my whole mission. we had a lesson with her the following day on tuesday, and she said to us, "elders, after we had that lesson last night, i was just so filled with the Spirit, that i went to the temple and just stood outside of it for like an hour crying..." and then she said, "oh have you ever heard of the store, deseret book?" "haha yes..." "look what i got" She then proceeded to show us everything she got. She bought a quad. and a personal progress. and all the seminary books so that she can make up everything she missed while she wasn't a member of the church. she got "jesus the Christ." she got "the articles of Faith" by james e talmage. she even got a preach my gospel! and she read the rest of the missionary lessons and even the missionary white handbook. she is incredible. anyway... then there's Geri. she has been smoke free for two weeks now! progressing toward baptism on Dec 27. doing so well. and a woman named kasey came to church with her less active mother in law that we taught a couple days ago even though she was ill. and then a guy that we tracted into named zach, only a few days ago, came to church as well. oh and frankie did too. a PM family that we found a couple weeks ago. So everything is going well here in the Higley ward and the Williams YSA ward. 

happy birthday padre! i'm sorry i am so bad at writing/wishing everyone happy birthdays. everything goes by so fast! what do i want for Christmas? your guess is as good as mine! i really have no idea. i couldn't tell ya. a couple ties would be good. 

well thank you for the updates! i hope that this email was sufficient.

oh... great that ryan is getting married. but man! 3 years without seeing each other and he goes and gets married. great...

elder bronson

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