Sunday, November 30, 2014

October 13- Gilbert

Mother! yes i am doing very well! i loved seeing all of the pictures from nauvoo. that is so cool. how far did you say it is again from our house? we should take a trip there. yes i can imagine that the house is a little quiet. that is crazy that there are only 3 kids left in the home. you two are gettin OLD! haha but don't worry mom. it doesn't show! oh the family you met lives nearby the temple? if they are very close to the temple then they are in the williamsfield stake. and i am in the higley stake. so just one north of them. but our singles' ward covers a few wards in the williamsfield stake. what ward are they in? i will know their missionaries. we took out a couple mini missionaries with us the past few days from the williamsfield stake. they were so awesome. our last minis were good... but these were awesome. just so ready to work! brother packer and brother zoller. just good missionaries. obviously they didn't have the common teaching skills developed while on the mission. but they had what they needed to quickly develop those skillls... humility. they were so teachable! just an eager desire to learn and ask questions, and accept advice. i kept thinking to myself... "man, could you imagine how easy it would be to train if misisonaries didn't go to the mtc?!" nah i'm just kidding... but i know i had a big head when i got out of the mtc so i know i was probably difficult for my trainer. but all in all they were great. i can forward a picture or two to courtney or something. 

yes we went to cafe rio on our own. dinner bailed on us again! haha we've been planning in a lot of dinners with less actives, investigators, formers, potentials, part members... hence the frequent fall throughs. no just kidding they've been good though. seen some real miracles from doing it. we picked up a couple formers from 8 months ago so that's good! and looking forward to picking up more this week. anyway..

anyway... yes that is so cool that this week is on prophets. general conference wass all about that! one of the underlying themes for sure. elder nelson, president eyring, YW lady... and 2 or 3 more. all about sustaing and following the prophet. probably also because president monson is going down hill a little bit mentally. 

the other missionaries at the general conference picture were elder tagg and elder nelson. elder tagg is the tall one. elder nelson with the etcha sketch. elder tagg just got the call yesterday though. he's leaving. me and elder bailey are staying! woot woot! pretty pumped. elder bailey is awesome. such a good missionary. we get along super well. i've been lucky pretty much my whole mission getting good companions. so anyway.. 

oh yeah... quick events that happened this week..

elder bailey sat on elder tagg's desk chair with him and it broke.

we saw the prescreening of meet the mormons. awesome movie.

we had a super stressful saturday. don't want to tell you about it because it was so stressful.

geri (who watched conference with the plewes last week) attended church this week. 

brittany is getting baptized oct 25.

it's cooling down. 80s now. pretty nice. 

and i can't remember what else to share. i know there was more but love you!

elder bronson

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