Sunday, November 30, 2014

September 29 - Gilbert

hello there mother and family!
all is definitely well on this side of the country! yes another picture from the woodwards. yes it was a pizza place. best place ever. it's called "sal's" an italian pizza place. way good. they have these garlic knots they give you. and i can't remember what it's called... but the garlic bread thing with basil and tomatoes on top. so good. and yes it was tomatoes. but still so good. i don't know how they did it! or maybe i'm growing up or something... not really sure where we are planning on watching conference. we always watch it at the stake center though unlesss an investigator is at a member's house. we asked the plewe family to invite geri (a neighbor we've been teaching) to their house for a session. so hopefully that goes through. she wasn't able to make it to church this sunday. so we have to wait two weeks to get her there now! church is the best here in gilbert. the members are so great. they help so much with pushing investigators along. the fellowhip, the family. i didn't like it as much down south of gilbert because of the sense of family for investigators is not as prevalent. but i'm back. freaking gilbert.
yes i saw pictures of your palmyra trip! so amazing. just like the pictures in the quad haha. haha i love that although you had an amazing time at palmyra and wish you could take the kdis, in retrospect you still choose the beach! classic madre. don't worry i'm right there with ya!

 the miracle was definitely andre.  andre was baptized on saturday and confirmed yesterday. what an awesome testimony. that guy gives the most amazing prayers. so sincere. sometimes investigators, by listening to our relatively wrote prayers, think that eloquence and experience make a prayer powerful. wrong. nothing is more powerful than an investigator offering a sincere and simple prayer at the end of a lesson. so we're working on setting a baptism for the dead date next. and he's in singles ward so we won't set a sealing date. he can work on that. 

yes we get to go see the meet the mormons movie. in fact, salt lake wants us to know what's going on in the film so that we know how to advertise it. so they sent a copy to mission president and we should be watching it probably a week before it comes out... boom. yes it's always a tough decision to make whether you play on sundays or not. but always leave it up to the individual. if they make a mistake, they make a mistake. you and dad were always good at making sure that we learned from ourselves, rather than forcing righteousness upon us. 2 nephi 25:26 i think. i love sharing that scripture. 

anyway love you too mother and family! hope all is well in the ole tennessee. i tried to use that the other day. "oh you're from tennessee? oh that's great i'm from *SLAM! aww dang"

haha love you!

elder bronson

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