Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 10 - Gilbert

hello mother. yes i've had an awesome week as always. actually a little stressful. as always haha. haha man you recruit the missionaries quite a bit to teach seminary. but i guess that is good. we teach seminary once a week too. to be honest i don't really like it. but we deal with it. it excites the work. even though it's never for our ward haha. oh man you're in florida? is it as warm as it is here? 

that's cool that the sister missionaries went to hailey's soccer game. hopefully all will work out in the future.

man hailey seems to be a lot better than the rest of the family. we were all quite procrastinators. it seems that she'll excel past most of us! haha. it is a little humorous that she's always a step ahead of everything. and you always had to hound marcus about his homework. i'm sure he thinks it's funny as well. 

that's cool that there are so many hispanics. kinda like arizona. probably not near as much here as there is there, but we do have our fair opportunities to speak spanish. i can carry on a conversation... and refer them to the spanish missionaries. we've actually passed on a few referrals to the spanish missionaries just from talking to the hispanic workers or people we run into. it's actually really fun. i'm obviously not that good. i'm secretly wishing that President calls me spanish speaking for the last 6 months of my mission. 

okay quick updates...

geri is progressing well. she is stopping smoking this week. she's preparing for baptism hopefully in december. she's doing so well. and she's hilarious too. she came to church yesterday... haha she always wonders why everyone cries when they get up to bear their testimony. i'm still wondering that myself... 
we gave andre the aaronic priesthood yesterday. it was awesome. he's such a stud. singles ward guy that got baptizedsept 27. he got his temple recommend for the phoenix dedication this sunday.
zoe, a new investigator, is awesome. she knows everything already. we started teaching her last week. she's in the singles' ward as well. we're teaching her again tonight. reading the book of mormon with her. 
a few others that are in the runnings. the Higley ward is really turning around. there is a lot of missionary work going on, and the ward is starting to catch the fire. i REALLY hope i stay one more transfer at least. otherwise i may have to experience that whole "sewing" without "reaping" thing. not cool. i like to do both haha. 

anyway not sure what else happened this week...  i promise i'll have a better email next week.

elder bronson

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