Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 3- Gilbert

Well hey there mother! always happy to respond to your emails. 
my week? went very well! always does though. there are always frustrations. but everything moves on haha! oh thank you for writing/sending the answers to my request. some other missionaory said he did it and i thought that would be perfect. freezing there? it's been freezing here! i know it's all relative. but man arizona has turned me into the biggest wimp. proselyting last night on our bikes. i had to wear a jacket. because it was 65. and i was still cold. it was messed up. pretty sure your blood thins out over time to acclimate to the dry heat. haha you can still take a girls trip to phoenix. as long as you don't tell me about it. i actually was in phoneix the other day going to the temple open house. took a family through. prettys sweet. not as cool as the gilbert temple thought o be honest. love that place. 

haha the sister missionaries are going to hailey's soccer game? haha that's interesting. well i hope she does well! she's our last hope at a successful athlete! i'm glad you are so willing to allow the sisters to go over and meet your friends. it's difficult getting half referrals from people. the ones that are like, "yeah you can go to that neighbor, but don't tell them i sent you!" so good job mom! keep up the good work! never be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ! in the long run, they're going to ask you why you never told them! there's a missionary named sister caron shared her conversion story with the mission and mentioned that she said to her friend something like, "why didn't you tell me earlier? or at all?" we just never know who is ready to receive the gospel. we just have to invite. and pray for the opportunities. pray with faith for the opportunities. and have the courage to act on them. sometimes it's hard for even missionaries to have the courage to act on opportunities, believe it or not... one of the principles in finding in preach my gospel talks about talking to everyone you see. seems like a no brainer but a lot of times we're late to an appointment, or we have something else on our minds, that keep us from talking to everyone we see. but if we qualify ourselves for better opportunities as we just open our mouths. 

oh yeah crazy how the sister peterson knew hannah hyde. halloween was good. we actually were in the temple from 5-9 anyway. so we didn't even have the opporutniety to open the door. but we wouldn't have anyway. we had to be accounted for because people dress up as mormon missionaries and do stupid things. so president wanted to make sure that he knew where everyone was. i love kit kats. good job hailey.

yikes the ACT is tough. but i feel like if i took it again right now, after brushing up on a few things, i would actually do better. after all the scripture reading, my comprehension has definitely improved. and that's where i lacked before! but yes it's a difficult test. give her positive reinforcement though! i'm sure she'll do great.

tennis is improving? oh good! i'm sure my game is terrible. maybe we'll do that next monday. dad turns 53, huh? wow. my dad's gettin old! any gray hairs yet? 

anyway... love you much! sorry for the little to no update on investigators. we picked up a couple awesome ones last week. so to be continued..

love, elder bronson

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