Sunday, November 30, 2014

October 20- Gilbert

Mother and family. i think i start out every email that way. hope it doesn't get boring... oh you're at courtney's again? oh that's right for the baby blessing! how was it? did calvin do it? was it good to have the family together? you've been doing a lot of traveling to NC ever since andie got here! yes it is so crazy how fast everything changed. they all had like 2 years to have a baby but they chose to wait until i left to have 3! what in the heck! but it's okay. no worries. and marcus is a giant now. and hailey looks way older too. everything is just weird haha. in a good way though of course. 

church yesterday was good! Geri was not able to come though. she was on vacation. and will be until next sunday so we cannot teach her this week. wouldn't it be nice if every time we got a new investigator they stopped life so t hat they could keep all of our commitments and get baptized quickly? haha just kidding. but she is progressing quickly. the ward is really pitching in and it is such a blessing to watch. many have gone by to meet her or to drop off gifts for her birthday and such. one lady in the ward said that she was almost in tears when she brought her something. anyway it helps so much to have the ward involved! get to know your missionaries' investigators. and do something for them. the missionaries will definitely appreciate it. on top of t hat we took her to the phoenix temple open house yesterday. way good experience for her. it took forever though as it is an hour outside of our mission. but hey we got a miracle for ya! sorry i say "we" all the time. it's a habit. but we've been trying to get in with this pm family forever! less active return missionary. two kids. anyway.. we finally got in by askking if they could feed us one day. after one cancellation they finally had us over for dinner. anyway... it was a good dinner... elder bailey and i received revelation earlier that we needed to talk to him about his mission. it was a really cool story just how we came to that conclusion (we were in trasnfer meeting and president nattress said "nobody ever forgets about their mission." and this man came to mind. i thought, "man we gotta talk to him about his mission." and then elder bailey turned to me and said, "elder bronson. we gotta talk to bj about his mission." it was awesome). so we talked to him about his mission at dinner. and it sparked conversation about miracles and such. at the end of dinner he began tlaking about his wife's health how it's not that good. pretty young couple too. and talked about her current physical ailments, and then with tears in his eyes said, "we were actually wanting to ask you guys if you could give her a blessing before you leave." of course we said we would. she invited us back for this wednesday for dinner. and we texted her the other day and she said she wante dto go to the phoenix tmeple open house with her family. major blessing. anyway... lots of miracles this week. figured i better take mom's advice and email some stories to you because i don't keep a journal.

anyway... forgot to answer questions. good to hear kellie is taking the ACT again. hope she does well! am i interested in summer term? well i can choose between going home june 23 and may 12. so i'm pretty set on june 23. yeah i guess i would just try to earn a few bucks before fall semester and not go to summer term. unless you have any other ideas. i don't even know what else i could do. but i'm not sure i want to think about it anyway. suggestions for family vacations? umm how about gilbert, AZ! haha i don't know anything would be fun. whatever you choose is perfect! 

okay i think i answered all the questions. oh! so guess what i did this morning! i took elder anderson's promise in conference regarding reading "the testimony of the prophet joseph smith" pamphlet and recording it in your own voice. i've only listened to part of it. but it really does put a whole new perspective on it. you really understand the sincerity of his words. and it defiinitely helps to increase your testimony in the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. anyway... it takes ,like 20 mins to read but it is a really amazing activity. do it! it's a little weird listening to yoruself. but you'll realize the significance when you do it. 

love, elder bronson

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