Sunday, November 30, 2014

September 22- Gilbert

on your way to palmyra? that is so awesome! president and sister nattress have mentioned a few times in their testimonies the time that they went to the sacred grove. so that's pretty awesome. tell me how it goes! oh my district leader is from canada! his name is elder tagg! sometimes we call him elder "tague or taig" though. just because canadians say "bag" like "bague." haha anyway.. whoa that is awesome that grandma passed away on that date. and that you'll be on the hill cumorah on that same date too. you should try to find out the time. man that is cool that karlee gets to teach seminary for a few days. i love teaching seminary. we only do it for like 10 mins per class but we do like 8 classes. once a week though. i always like getting called on to teach unexpectedly. we taught this week again in higley ward because someone bailed. we taught last week too. but this week it was on missionary work so of course it was passed off to the elders. haha but it went really well. elder bailey shared an awesome story that you may have heard. it's called "testimony of a missionary." it's pretty sweet. sounds a little cheesy and you may have heard it before. and obviously it may not be depicted exactly like this. but the message is cool.
anyway... this week went well. everyone is doing awesome. andre is getting baptized this saturday. he is so solid. oh i would've left it at that but i just read your part of the email that said i have to write details about investigators' conversion because i don't write in my journal... so... andre is awesome. when we first met with him we taught him the restoration and talked to him a lot about change. and asked him what he was looking for. he replied "change." so we taught him about the doctrine of christ. how that's what it is all about. progressing to become better. talked about the role of the holy ghost in conversion a little, but focused more on helping him make commitments that will bring about change. we were pretty upfront and clear with him. telling him that he will see change as he begins to obey God's commandments and such. put him on date for sept 27 on our first lesson. and he's been pretty solid since. he's had a few questions regarding receiving revelation. some things that helped him were like alma 5 verse something when alma is talking about his conversion and how he knows for hismelf. and "patterns of light" by elder bednar. good videos. so yeah. hopefully that's good enough. 

yes my feet are better. i won't give any details on that. but maybe i'll send you a picture to freak you out haha. oh i do have a couple pictures to send. a couple with elder bailey. he's hilarious. love the guy. we do good work together too.  anyway love you much!

elder bronson

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