Sunday, November 30, 2014

October 7 - Gilbert

mother and family! yes dad told me that you were on the road. 8 hours? that's not even bad! we'll have to go see when i get back too. YES I LOVED CONFERENCE. definitely the best conference i've ever heard. so many incredible talks. elder christopherson's was so good. and elder bednar of course. but really that conference was legendary. man all that food sounds great. we are about to go grocery shopping and i think i just found my shopping list. yes ryan emails me and told me about her. who knows! we'll see. holy cow i can't believe dad has lost so much weight. it was always up and down for him. awesome that he can put his mind to it and accomplish it. and just in time too! when jorge something of the seventy said that one of the things we can do to be confident in the sight of God is to exercise and be healthy! that was an eye opener for 50% of the church haha. anyway i don't think i have any questions to respond to. i think i answered them all. which stinks because i've only written like 10 lines. umm... this week was great. we taught a TON. we set some hefty goals as a companionship and as a zone. and we accomplished them. it's amazing when you can set a goal that is perfectly on the fence between impossible and barely possible. makes you stretch. accomplish. set new goals that will help you to progress. so quite a successful week. we found some new investigators too. and a lot of potential as we put forth our faith and diligence. elder bailey is an awesome missionary. i learn so much from him. humility. patience. it seems that i always get to learn from the best! thankfully... because there are plenty of missionaries who get tough companions. i've had maybe one. anyway... good things are going to happen this week. keep your eyes open! oh hey wasn't it crazy how many talks were on sustaining the prophet? it's natural to feel a bit uneasy about his mental condition but he's still the prophet of the Lord! follow his counsel. it's a commandment!

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