Wednesday, April 1, 2015

February 10 and 16, 2015 Gilbert

February 10
hello mother!
once again, had an awesome week. only because elder allison is such a good missionary. oh yes i get to go back to higley for a baptism on valentine's day. his name is e-man. he's awesome. i think i may have told you about him in past emails. yes jordan grigg came home this week. so crazy. i remember when he left! ugh time goes by too quick. he already emailed me and told me he'd rather be on his mission. haha i think that happens to every RM though. well they are on date for feb 21. so not for a couple more weeks. 

i heard that elder holland spoke and that it was incredible. love that man. ya know a year back he was supposed to come to our missions. but he cancelled on us last minute. elder wright of the seventy came instead. he said... "well i know you were expecting elder holland. and i'm sorry you have to deal with me instead. i can only imagine that it feels kinda like getting tickets to the beatles concert and instead getting the dixie chicks. it was hilarious. really lightened the moods of the disappointed missionaries. 

anyway... crazy that ryan gets married on friday. wish him luck! i gotta be short today... going to play some baseball. love you much!

elder bronson

hello mother!
gonna be short because we'rea bout to go play some baseball. sorry about the typo about fifteen words back. too lazy to go back and put a space. good to hear you went to ryan's wedding! haha you told that to ryan?? that's pretty good actually. think he will follow through?? haha yes i got all the letters/package on time thank you so much! good to know when a girl doesn't love you, that your family does! haha 

everyone is doing well. e-man got baptized last saturday. someone from  my old area. i remember telling you about him. zoe is doing well. saw her at eman's baptism. she is still doing great.

sorry i have to be short. in a hurry. i promise only this email will be short! 

love, elder bronson

this is e-man. he's awesome. it's actually emanuel. i was teaching him before i left my last area. and he just got baptized last week. 

Hi Sister Bronson,

Elder Tahuri (from New Zealand) is your son’s new companion!  He seems like a really nice young man!  

Happy Thursday!

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