Wednesday, April 1, 2015

January 26 - Gilbert

mother and family!
it is going very well. haha yes i will be coming home in june. i was considering the persuasive advice that you lent to me... but i think i though out loud with president nattress next to me... hahaha so june 23rd it is! 
church was great again. yes bishop is awesome. well all 3 of them. we cover 2 family wards and a singles ward. so we definitely are kept busy. there are lots of small and big christian churches around here. but they do help us have a lot of success too! help people gain that background on Christ. but stay positive, mother! involve the Lord in His work. He will lead you to those that are prepared. but you must be prayerful. he told the apostles, after ordaining them to the ministry (i can't quote verbatim because i do not have my scriptures with me), "you have not chosen me, but i have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, that your fruit should remain (retain). and whatsoever ye shall ask the father in my name, he will give it you." as part of the charge to do missionary work, he gave the apostles, the missionaries, and all those who have a desire to serve god ('therefore, if ye have desires to serve God, ye are CALLED to the work), a blessing... a promise. we each have a promise that through prayer we will obtain. it's all part of the calling! so be prayerful. stay postiive. optimism brings hope. and hope, faith. and faith, action, and action, success. 

thank you for that story of the high councilman in the stake that joined the church. it is truly by the power of the spirit that conversion occurs. and by nothing else. why daddle around with information when you can fill them with the spirit! do so by your testimony. the Lord reminds us in 2 nephi, "i am able to do mine own work." why can't we get it through our heads? he prepares. we invite. we find the prepared, we don't prepare the found. He thankfully, has invited us to help him out. but in reality... he is able to do his own work. anyway... 

 that is awesome that you have been using tennis to share the gospel. 

anyway... don't have much time left. gotta get going.. but thank you for the email! keep writing! haha

love you!

elder bronson

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