Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 16

hello mother!
sorry i have to be short today... just about to head out for a pday activity. that is so cool that you're going to hawaii. elder tahuri thinks it's weird that that is the vacation spot for a lot of americans. yes dad told me all about his blood clots.... after the fact. nobody tells me anything! haha 
yes vanessa got baptized last week. she is doing great...  she was baptized into the family ward though. but savanna, who is getting baptized this weekend will be in singles ward. she is awesome. i think i already told you in past emails about her though.

haha injustice?? that's what i thought when i first got my mission call. well not initially. but after it set in i was like, "man..? arizona? of all places?"  but trust me. you figure out pretty quick how much better it is to go stateside. learning a new language is pretty cool. but that's about it. don't tell calvin. no i'm just kidding there is no reason to be partial in any way. there is truly no reason except that of God's decision. and the sooner you realize that, the better! I love Arizona! 

unusual on pdays? nope just basketball or soccer or baseball. wish i could play tennis. an elder in my zone found a racquetball racket and gave it to me as a gift. he's from albania. and i don't know if people in albania know the difference between a tennis racket a racquetball racket but he doesn't. haha

anyway gotta be short today. i hope that doesn't mean you'll be short with me nexgt week! haha

love, Elder Bronson

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