Wednesday, April 1, 2015

February 3 - Gilbert

the week was good! church yesterday was good. except in a couple weeks our singles ward is going to move to 11:00. and that kinda conflicts with the other two wards. really bad. so we'll have to figure that out. but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. yes vanessa and domenic are planning on being baptized on Feb 21. is it warming up in Gilbert? no it's pretty much the same. around 70s all the time. maybe high 60s. i don't know just a guess. our phone obviously doesn't do that kind of stuff haha.
oh yes i remember taking that picture at the breakfast dinner! i love breakfast for dinner. who were my favorite seminary teachers and why? hmmm... that's a tough question. i don't remember how involved i was in seminary. of course everyone looks back and wishes they were more involved. it was always good when seminary teachers made it interactive. there are lots of ways to do that... what has been the most difficult part of my mission? hmmm.. that's a toughy too. no it wasn't the beginning. i loved the beginning. i loved just getting out and working. and seeing miracles. i don't know if i could pin point one thing. i think that it changes every day with the daily trials. it's hard to see people you know were part of a miracle use their agency the wrong way. when you know they know enough to choose correctly but choose not to. for instance... elder allison and i street contacted this older couple. taught them on the street for a while and they said we could come back. we taught them again and invited them to read a few things specific. and pray and such. well they loved it. they texted us throughout the day talking about how they were up into the night learning and studying... and coming closer to God. and how thankful they were that we helped to reignite their walk with God. so that was a miracle. however, they texted us the next day and said that they will continue to use the materials we gave them but don't want us to continue teaching them. so kinda sad. but that's probably the toughest. helping people feel, and recognize the Spirit and their faith grow. but still choose not to accept. but The Lord is able to do his own work. and hopefully it will work out to their benefit in the future. such an incredible couple though. so kind. 
overcome or mastered something? hmmm... well i've definitely learned to be a little more patient with other missionaries. and how to be diligent. i have too much to learn though. 
yes i have a car right now. but we still bike and walk a lot. no we do not trade with other missionaries. we always have one. the singles ward that i serve in is great. i sure loved the other one too though. there are probably 8-9 singles wards in the gilbert ysa stake. so yes there are a lot of singles. 
anyway... sorry i was so short but i hope i answered the majority of your questions. gotta get goin!

elder bronson

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