Wednesday, April 1, 2015

February 23 - Gilbert

Mom said that it's exactly 4 months left and he said....

that is the WORST start to an email i have ever seen! haha it's okay it is not a pride thing. i've had to take a step back and see if it is just pride that is making me want to go home in June vs May. some missionaries (probably out of pride) extend their mission to exactly two years just so they can say they served 2 years. which is kinda dumb. so thank you mother for helping me consider both sides. holy cow i cannot believe 4 out of 5 days were cancelled! that is pretty awesome. i'm sure they did a whole lot of nothing... haha
the week was good! domenic got baptized! and his mother, vanessa will be getting baptized in 2 weeks. she came to the baptism of course and was so excited for her baptism/confirmation. she is making so many changes.  you have a lot of different opportunities to teach different types of people on your mission. that have had a lot of different experiences. a lot of different weaknesses. each investigator or convert struggles with different things, but no matter what... the Gospel helps them. vanessa, whenever we would teach her, she would accept all of our commitments. in like 3 weeks, after complying to Father's commandments , her heart is in it. and her actions are evidence to that. but she is awesome. the Savior heals all wounds (3 nephi 9), strengthens all weaknesses (ether 12), truly changes our desires (mosiah 5:3ish). Truly when we are wrought about by the power of the Holy Ghost, we feel a desire to do good continually. to do no evil. This power of the Holy Ghost invites us to make covenants with Father (mosiah 5:5ish). It is the doctrine of Christ. 
anyway... we look like twins? haha are you sure? yes he is from new zealand. gisborne. yes he has an accent. it's hilarious though... every time he says he's from new zealand, every person we talk to finds it necessary to let him know that they have a sister's daughter's friend's mom that has been there once. or something like that. it's almost a game to see what percent of members will say soemthing like that. so funny. that's crazy that i am related to matthew cowley. i've never even heard of the guy until i got elder tahuri as a companion. now i hear about him from everyone. sounds awesome. 

Elder tahuri is awesome though. so funny. way hard worker. he's an incredible missionary. i've learned a ton from him already!  anyway... i hope this email is sufficiently long... it's definitely longer than yours! sorry about not sending pictures. my camera battery died like 6 weeks ago and i keep forgetting to charge it. i'm really bad at taking pictures.

love, elder bronson

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