Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 30- HAPPY 21 BIRTHDAY! - Gilbert

it seems that these emails are getting more and more personal! haha so when i get them personal, i send them personal. so mother... this probably isn't for the crowds. thank you for everything you do for me! you truly make it easy to honor the family! because the family is so awesome! i truly have been blessed with an incredible family. perfect parents. and siblings all sealed in the temple. ya done good, mom. 

anyway.. yes i'm feeling old! even though i still look like a little boy. what have i planned for today? well we're going to play some ball. and i'm probably going to go get some free meals from some local places that give free meals on birthdays! woot woot! 

well about 30 minutes ago... i got a knock at the door. sister richards was adamant that we email here today because she needed us to be home to receive her package. well it wasn't HER package, was it mom? haha thank you so much for the cake! haven't had any yet.. but i'm sure it is great. thank you. 

good to hear hawaii was good. haha you made me laugh when you said taking care of a trek family. haha oh trek... 

that's funny that you've never seen those heirlooms before. 

yes it is crazy that april is almost here. it's getting warm over here. 98 the other day. but i'm getting transferred. forgot to tell you that. just got the call last night. i knew it was coming though. but i played innocent. president told me a couple days back. so i'll let you know next week how the new area is! 

oh so sorry for forgetting kristen's birthday! so sad. ugh i'm horrible. it's not that i picked one over the other! and it's not like i remember everyone's and forgot hers! the selfish story went more like this, "oh it's almost my birthday. whoa 3 more days? oh it's march 27. march 27! shoot that's courtney's birthday! quick sister richards! send her a note!" haha so it was purely by coincidence that she got wished a happy birthday and kristen did not.  but yes she is looking pretty big! can't believe there was  a little bit of a scare the other day.

anyway... love you much!  

elder bronson

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