Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 9 - Gilbert

hello mother!
yes they are going by very quickly.  that's awesome that you're going to hawaii though! not too much has changed from last week! well actually Vanessa got baptized! i can forward a picture. actually i forgot my camera so it'll have to wait until next week. but it was a great service. yes we are having quite a bit of success, here in good ole gilbert. i love gilbert. i'm going to move here. haha maybe. ummm savanna is getting baptized on march 21 which will be great! she is so stellar. she announced again on sunday in gospel principles that she was getting baptized. it's awesome when an investigator does that. very humbling. 
andie and quinn are looking awesome. so sad that they are growing up so fast! guess courtney will have to have another one that looks exactly the same so i can see the progression in her growth in real time! yes Jeff seems like an awesome dad. maggie is getting old? pretty sad. the richards (people we live with) have a cocker spaniel. but she's a lot more skiddish than maggie. 

missionary work is going great! The Lord always blesses me with awesome areas and awesome investigators. i usually do hardly anything and boom. investigator falls out of the sky and wants to get baptized. it truly is the Lord's work. he says in 2 nephi 29 it hink... twice, "i am able to do mine own work." and he means it! he just allows us to be in the process to help US grow. but in reality he can do it himself. and he does! we don't do any of the conversion. he does it through the power of the holy ghost. and thank goodness he does! because it would be really hard to sell a religion where you have to give up all that you have just to join and stay worthy. haha 

yes i'm still enjoying my companion he's awesome. we bought some more tim tams today. he introduced me to them. they are an australian cookie that you slurp up hot chocolate through and then throw into your mouith. it's called a tim tam slam. it's awesome. no not first time in the states. no he didn't go to school before. his father is a convert. 

okay yeah i will probably go down to provo or at least utah during the summer to find a job. that would be very nice. do you want to find a job for me?? haha muah! thank you mother!

yes i am happy and healthy thank you! love and miss you!
talk to you next week!

elder bronson

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