Wednesday, April 1, 2015

January 19 - Gilbert

good morning mother and family! all is well thank you for asking. it is awesome living with the richards! we have temperpedic mattresses! i don't know how i scored that.. pretty pumped though. i don't think i've woken up in the middle of the night yet! and it's been a week and a half in my new area! no we see them whenever we're home. we just have a separate room upstairs. yes it is so cool to hear that quinn was born healthy. she looks like both of them? i can't even tell. she looks a little asian though! yeah church was great yesterday! we did have a lot at sacrament this week. pretty pumped. we had an all around incredible week. it feels so good to be able to work nonstop! elder allison is such a hard worker. i feel super humbled to be able to have him as a companion. he is just an incredible missionary. just a stud! we do great work together. and are looking forward to what the Lord has in store. dad always emails me and encourages me... telling me that it's my last 6 months, and i gotta push harder than i ever have. and don't worry. i am! not that i wasn't working hard before! but i feel like we both have the same desires to work hard and see success. i don't have to help him. because he's a better missionary than i am! anyway... i hope that all make sense. 

how does the area compare? well i have one extra ward. the wards are the same time. the dynamic is pretty much the same. bishops and wmls are awesome. anyway yeah i definitely have a lot to respond to and not a ton of time. but all went very well this week and will go great this week too!

thank you and love you!

elder bronson

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