Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 23 - Gilbert

hello mother! wow such a short email! they say that your emails get shorter the longer you are out. guess the rumor's true! nah i'm just kidding! but yeah this last one was pretty short. thank you for the quick note. loved all the pictures you sent. looks like you're having a ton of fun! 

savanna got baptized on saturday. got to confirm her short notice on sunday. in short, it was a great baptism. it was in the new singles ward building. so we assumed the faucet would run just as fast as all the other stake center we've been in. we were wrong. so we had to fill up giant pots of water from the bathroom sinks to add to the water. all ended up going well from everyone else's perspective. but from behind the scenes, it was a little stressful... ya know... filling up a baptismal font with pots. but she is doing well! and we are meeting with her best friend tonight. hope all goes well in hawaii! you send a short note, you get a short note. no just kidding.. i'll keep going.

We had mini missionaries again this week. Brother blanchard (from my old ward in higley stake) and brother willis (also from higley stake). they were stellar missionaries. Brother blanchard and I were praying for a miracle and wondering what to do at8:00 in the evening. so we got out of the car and started streeet contacting. no one was there but we went to an open garage where we met mike and ty. two high school kids. mike was sarcastic and uninterested. ty was sincere but also seemed uninterested. we began to teach about the doctrine of repentance and forgiveness through the Savior. long story short, we asked ty what he thought, and he began talking about the mormons at school and began to cry. we identified the spirit and he came to church the next day. and accepted the invitation to be baptized. cool miracle. i'm sure i could've given more detail. but that's all i got! we'll let you know how everything goes this week!

elder bronson

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